How do you Find a Song by Humming Online?

Humming Online

When you are at a party and a song playing on the speakers hit your heart’s strings, but you don’t know the title or the singer of the album. So now the next day you are only trapped with the song in your mind and really want to know how to find the album? Or sometimes you remember a song which is at the tip of your tongue and your subconscious mind knows it but won’t let it translate to the words. No concerns. This guide will teach you how to find songs by humming.

Due to speech processing and recognition technology, it is not hard to find songs by knowing the melody or lyrics. The following online web / mobile apps will help you find the name, lyrics and more detail of the song by humming melody.

However, if you lose an essential music or voice file by mistake, please try to restore it with file recovery software as soon as possible.



Midomi–Find a Song by Humming Online’s

Midomi is the best web app in the Online World to find a song by snapping or playing the audio clip. It’s a nicely designed website and a special search engine powered by your voice. The quest for voices just takes one corner as Midomi also has a large community of lovers of music behind it. The ultimate aim of Midomi is to create the most extensive archive of searchable music, part of which includes user contributions.


Search hits build correspondences with music videos and connections to online retail stores in order to buy the album. Midomi also has a state-of – the-art search engine, which allows you to sing in any language or genre of music. Of course, if you have any information, you can also do a normal text search for a particular song. Midomi also offers you a’ studio’ to sing and upload your favorite songs. Both user submitted songs also help to improve the index of the search engine. Nonetheless, it is not available as an app for Android or iOS.

SoundHound–Discover Mobile App Songs by Humming

SoundHound had over 300 million users worldwide by May 2016, so we know that this service has supported many lovers of music already. SoundHound makes music playing around you easy to find. Whether you’re in your car or out, open the app, press the orange SoundHound button, listen to your phone for a few seconds, and you’ll be told what it’s going to play exactly! Many people called it pure sorcery. The app is available on Android as well as on iOS.


Discovering new music is just half SoundHound’s joy. This provides a music player so that you can also revive your musical discoveries. You can link Spotify to playlists, listen to music across genres, and find new favorites. Have you no Spotify? No worries, because you’ve been protected with built-in YouTube Player.

Shazam–PC / phone / watch to recognise any music around you

Every music lover wants this program to be added. It runs on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and other platforms. You can even use it on Android Wear and Apple Watch. Apple Inc. recently bought Shazam so that we can assume that they saw its potential.


Shazam is not restricted to showing you the names of the musical songs; it can recognise movies, commercials and TV shows, the basis, on a short sample played and on the computer using the microphone. Shazam is therefore a powerful tool for finding the song you want to hear.

Specific applications for locating humming songs (Android /iOS)

  • Firefly by Amazon
  • Bing Music identification
  • Google Sound Search
  • Lyrics Mania
  • Xiaomi Music
  • Sony TrackID
  • Play by Yahoo Music
  • MusiXmatch

Final thought

Apart from the choices mentioned in this article, there are many other resources in the app store and on the websites and, without doubt, more apps are released every year or month. We hope this guide will give you an insight into how a software or service can be found. Use any device and fulfill your desire for new or classical music. Tell us which song finder you consider to be successful.

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