How to Pay Money Someone With Apple Pay on Your iPhone?

How to Pay Someone With Apple Pay on Your iPhone
How to Pay Someone With Apple Pay on Your iPhone

Make purchases using Apple Pay

Send money to a friend, family member or relative? This guide will show you how to pay someone with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a convenient way to send money or request cash, as many people own an iPhone. How do you pay someone using Apple Pay?

It can be confusing if you’ve never sent a payment in this manner before. It’s easy to set up and receive future payments. If you don’t know how to use Apple Pay, this guide will help you.

Note that Paying family and friends through Apple Pay is only possible for those who live in the US.

1. Install Apple Wallet

Apple Pay requires that you have the Apple Wallet application installed on your iOS device in order to use it. It was possible to delete pre-installed Apple apps with iOS 10, and Apple Wallet is no exception. Many people remove the wallet app without realizing it from their devices before they use it.

Although we all know that there are many preinstalled apps we don’t use, this one is very handy and can help us make payments.

You can also download the Wallet app from the App Store if you have removed it. Importantly, Apple Pay can only be used to send money to Apple users. Apple Pay users will also need the Wallet app installed.

Download Apple Wallet Free

2. Add your payment method

Apple Pay requires that you have a payment method set up in your account. It is simple to add a payment method.

Once you are in the Wallet app you will see a black circle with a plus (+) sign. To add new payment methods, tap this. To add a new credit card, tap Continue. Apple Wallet allows you to scan a credit or debit card quickly and it will automatically input the information so that you don’t have to enter each number individually.

The app also allows you to apply for an Apple Card. The Apple Card is a credit-card with variable interest rates issued by Goldman Sachs. To apply, you will need to have good credit. However, some people with fair credit ratings may be accepted.

3. Apple Pay: Pay Merchants

After you have added a payment method, you can start paying merchants. Apple Pay integration is available at many merchants, as well as vending machines. It’s easy to pay quickly with your smartphone without needing to use a credit card.

Double-tap the Side icon on your iPhone to pay a merchant using Apple Pay. This will bring up your Apple Pay cards. Select the card that you wish to use to pay and it will rise to the top.

The next step is to confirm the payment. Once it has been sent, you will hear a ding.

Note: Double-clicking the side buttons may not work for you. Go to Settings > Apple Pay and turn on Double-Click side button.

4. Apple Pay allows you to set up Apple Cash and pay someone with it

Apple Pay allows you to send money to family and friends using Apple Pay. Important to remember that they must be located in the US and must have an Apple Wallet. Apple Wallet currently does not allow you to send money to any other bank accounts, or any other payment apps (such CashApp or Venmo).

You can send money to family and friends using the SMS app.

To get this option, however, you’ll need to set up Apple Cash. This wallet is basically a cash account within your Apple Wallet. This wallet can be funded and payments sent to it by others using Apple Pay. All recipients of your payments must also have Apple Cash.

Go to the Wallet app to set up Apple Cash. You’ll find a black card with Cash on it in the Wallet app. To create your Apple Cash account, tap on this. In most cases, this takes less than a minute. It is enough to confirm some basic details.

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5. Apple Cash allows you to send a payment to someone else

Once you have everything set up, it’s time to send and receive money. You don’t need any additional settings and everything should work from now on.

All you have to do to send and receive payments is use iMessage. Tap on the Messengers person you wish to pay. You will see the Apple Pay icon at the top of your keyboard. You can choose that icon to send or request money using an iMessage.

You can enter the price or request you would like to send and then send it as a normal message. The recipient will be notified once the message has been sent. You will be notified if there is an issue and the request or payment will be cancelled.

Apple Watch owners can request and send payment requests using the Apple Watch. Open the messaging app on your Apple Watch and click the Apple Pay icon. This setting can be accessed by clicking on the Messengers app. It will appear in the same spot as the other Messages options after it has been set up.

You won’t currently be able set up Apple Pay on your wrist, so you will need to complete those steps on your iPhone/iPad.

Siri can be used to quickly send and request payments. Simply say “Siri send [contact] five dollars” to confirm your payment. It is easy to request money.

Apple Pay made easy

You can make payments to other people over iMessage once you have set up your Apple Wallet. As long as they are also using iMessage and live in the US, it is possible to pay them with your Apple Wallet. Text messages are now a great way to send money to friends and request money. You can withdraw money from Apple Pay to access your bank account and spend it as you wish.

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Apple Pay is a very convenient tool and is becoming more popular around the globe. It can be set up today to make your life easier in the long-term.

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