How to Turn Your Bitcoins into Cash?


There are numerous ways to turn your BTC into cash and eventually transfer your funds into your bank account. After more than 12 years since it came into being, Bitcoin continues to dominate the world of cryptocurrencies. While no one can rightly predict the next peak in value of this popular crypto, current trends suggest that the digital currency is climbing towards unimaginable heights.

BTC has become the focal point for high-risk investors who want to make lots of money overnight. When you are considering how to convert your crypto to cash, look around for different options and choose a trusted Bitcoin platform such as

How to transfer your Bitcoin to your bank account

One easy way to move your crypto assets into your bank account is to sell them to cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase. To ensure that you don’t violate money laundering laws, try to withdraw your funds to the same account that you made the deposit from.

In the USA, it takes about 4-6 days for Coinbase users to move their funds into their wallets.  The location of your bank may determine the fees that you have to pay to process your transaction.

Coinbase is one of the most popular broker exchanges that allow people to buy and sell BTC easily. With a customer base of over 13 million users, Coinbase processes vast volumes of transactions each day. That’s why Coinbase is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in places like Australia.

To use Coinbase, you will have to sign up and verify your account. Deposit or buy Bitcoin into your account, and cash out your Bitcoin to fiat through bank transfer.

Why Use NakitCoins to turn your Bitcoin to cash?

NakitCoins allows crypto users to buy and sell Bitcoin for cash instantly. Swap your coins instantly without any limits. To buy or sell crypto for cash with NakitCoins, you will have to use your email address to create an account.  Then exchange your crypto for cash paid into your account. Receive your funds in your personal wallet in cash.

NakitCoins is the number-one cryptocurrency cashpoint/broker in Turkey that allows people to top-up and withdraw their funds in cash with no limits. Access a fully decentralized online crypto exchange service, and convert your funds instantly using different options.

Buy Bitcoin with a cash voucher such as Neosurf, and exchange your coins for other cryptos conveniently.

Why are more people investing in Bitcoin?

The belief that digital currencies like Bitcoin will eventually replace fiat is one reason that has convinced many people to invest in BTC. When this idea becomes a reality, people will be able to use BTC to buy things just like fiat.

Currently, only a few businesses and individuals accept Bitcoin payments. That is why crypto holders often want to convert their Bitcoins into cash so that they can buy goods more easily.

When the BTC market is in decline, investors protect themselves from massive losses by withdrawing their Bitcoins for cash. Bitcoin ATMs have been gaining prominence in recent years, thanks to the transformation of the crypto sector. These are physical locations that allow people to buy and sell Bitcoin with fiat currencies. There are over 5,000 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide and the number keeps growing year-on-year.

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