IBM Launches z15 Mainframe With New Data Protection Capabilities


IBM on Thursday unveiled the IBM z15, a mainframe that provides enterprises new capabilities for protecting sensitive customer data across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

It supports huge databases, has 12 percent more nuclei, and 25 percent more memory than its predecessor, and provides 30 times more latency, says IBM. It can process up to a trillion internet transactions a day.

In terms of safety, the Z15 presents fresh data privacy passport technology, which enables users to encrypt, give access to or revoke information, regardless of where it moves.

This technology can enable organisations, wherever they travel, to implement data protection policies that are tailored to the requirements of distinct customers and track information.

The Passport Data Privacy technology is presently in beta and not only accessible on the Linux III Linux server hardware platform, LinuxONE III, which IBM announced on Thursday and includes other systems from Z15.

IBM suggests that these capacities, which the business claims are a first sector, allow companies to provide more control over how their information are used by their clients. This is precisely what customers want, a research released by the technological giant on Thursday shows that 76% would be more prepared to share private information with an organization that enables them to collect that information at any moment.

IBM Z is a key element to address major hybrid cloud issues such as safety, privacy and agility. With z15, our customers can have their own cloud with the privacy and safety they want–protection for traditional task-critical workloads and for new workloads such as electronic or blockchain asset custody, “said Ross Mauri, IBM Z’s GM.

Mauri added, “The truth is that IBM Z remains the option for customers whose companies rely on real-time access to information. The DS8900F enterprise storage scheme has also been launched by IBM on Thursday, which provides complete cybersecurity, access to information and resilience for critical mission-critical multi-cloud settings and is therefore intended to provide extensive information accessibility and resilience.


Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.