Lenovo Thinkpad Microphone

Lenovo Thinkpad Microphone
Lenovo Thinkpad Microphone

On your laptop (ideapad, ThinkPad), where is the built-in microphone?

Many laptops have microphones incorporated right into the chassis. It’s possible that the microphone is tucked away in a small crevice and difficult to find. The microphone quality locations on Ideapad or Lenovo laptops are listed in this paper.

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Look for a microphone in the Hardware Maintenance handbook or the User Guide. The handbook includes illustrations that show where the buttons, speakers, and other components are located. Internal microphones should also be displayed. For more information, see How to Locate and Consider Manuals for Lenovo Products – ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, IdeaPad, IdeaCentre. The image below is taken from a ThinkPad handbook.

Look for a small hole labelled mic or a microphone icon on the sides of the LCD panel. Integrated microphones are frequently seen at the top of the screen, especially when a webcam is integrated right next to the microphone.

  1. Take a look at the laptop’s sides. Indoor microphones are found above the keyboard or merely below the hinge on some laptop models.
  2. When a Lenovo’s microphone stops working, here’s how to fix it.
  3. What to do if the microphone on your Lenovo laptop isn’t picking up sound

There may be an easy solution to the problem of your Lenovo microphone not working. Here’s what to do if the microphone on your Lenovo laptop isn’t working or won’t record sound at all.

What to Do If Your Lenovo Microphone Isn’t Working?

The following are some possible causes for a Lenovo laptop’s microphone not working:

  1. Your microphone is turned off.
  2. An app does not have access to your device because it does not have authorization to do so.
  3. Device drivers that are missing or corrupted

Hardware failure

Before attempting any of the solutions listed below, check the microphone on your Lenovo PC to determine the source of the issue.

When a Lenovo’s microphone stops working, here’s how to fix it.

Follow these steps in order, checking to verify if your computer’s microphone is working properly after each one:

  1. Unmute your microphone. Look for a mute button if you’re using your microphone with an app like Zoom to make sure you’re not muted.
  2. Check each app’s settings. To pick the audio input, look for a sound options menu and make sure your microphone is turned on.
  3. Check the permissions of your app. Check the app’s permissions settings to determine if it has access to your microphone.
  4. Restart your PC in Windows. Rebooting your computer can clean up any transient issues that are interfering with its operation.
  5. Change the sound settings in Windows. Make sure your microphone is turned on in the Windows 10 sound settings under Input. Make sure the internal microphone is set as the default if you’ve already attached different headsets or microphones to your PC.
  6. Run the sound troubleshooter in Windows. Select Troubleshoot from the Windows sound settings. If Windows does not automatically resolve the issue, it may give recommendations for further action.
  7. Increase the volume of the microphone. Pick Device properties > Additional device properties in the sound settings, then select the Levels tab and raise the Microphone slider to 50% or higher.
  8. Windows sound options include more device properties, the Levels tab, and the Microphone volume slider.
  9. Drivers for Windows need be updated. Go to Device Manager, locate your microphone, and double-check that you have the newest drivers for it.
  10. Connect an external microphone to your computer. While this isn’t a true fix, you can try connecting a Bluetooth or USB microphone; however, this will only work if the issue is with the internal hardware.
  11. Perform a System Restore in Windows. You might attempt resetting the system to factory settings as a last resort. Because restoring your hard disc will wipe it clean, make a backup of anything you want to save.
  12. Get a replacement or repair for your Lenovo keyboard. If you feel your device’s internal hardware has been damaged and it is still under warranty, determine if you are eligible for a free repair or replacement.
  13. Check for hardware damage and make the necessary repairs. Check to determine if the internal microphone wiring is linked to the motherboard if your PC is no longer under warranty and you feel comfortable opening it up. If necessary, re-plug them or replace the wires.
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