Microsoft 365 Helps Improve the Safety and Compliance of Organs


AI-powered safety and compliance guidelines have been developed to help Microsoft 365 customers to deal with potential issues through controlled interaction beginning this week.

“Beginning in Ignite Week, new AI suggestions will start rolling out to Microsoft 365 customers in the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre, to help them improve their security and compliance roles,” Microsoft said.

For each Company, Customized

“These recommendations include Microsoft Information Protection, Advertised Threat Protection, Self-Service Password Reset and guidance on compliance with General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.”

The updated Compliance and Protection Guidance helps Microsoft 365 customers and their administrators identify possible areas of concern and take immediate action to fix them in order to prevent possible damage.

Microsoft is tailoring all recommendations for each organization to ensure a tailor-made experience is achieved with Microsoft Graph signals.

“The Microsoft 365 Admin Center’s Onboarding Hub (Setup area) and other admin centre-areas offer top recommendations for your organization,” Microsoft added.

Improvements in Security, Confidentiality and Compliance for Microsoft 365

Microsoft also improved Microsoft 365 security this month by adding 16 new lower-privileged roles to Azure AD to help administrators increase security by decreasing the number of global administrators and improving the capabilities of Microsoft 365 granular delegation.

The organization suggests that as few people as possible be allocated global admin positions to reduce business security risks arising from its ability to read and alter all operational settings in an Azure AD org.

Redmond also announced in January the addition of new data protection and privacy features to Microsoft 365, enabling customers to respect provisions of privacy laws implemented worldwide after the GDPR has come into force.

This service is currently available for all users to Microsoft 365 E5 and Data Security and Compliance with SKU on or through the Microsoft 365 administrative center.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.