Must-Have Gaming Tools on Your PC

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Have you bought yourself a gaming PC? Now is the best to start using and pushing it to its limits. Gaming is one of the best activities anyone can indulge in during their free time. Developers are taking their games to the next level by adding amazing social, commercial, competitive, and recreational elements to enhance the gaming experience.

Therefore, you need to find and invest in the right games to have a great time. Every gamer needs to download or invest in essential gaming tools to boost performance, graphics, and gameplay. Today, we are going to share with you some of the most important gaming tools that your PC needs to perform at an optimum level.

Most of the tools that we are going to cover are cheap and beneficial in the long run. When you combine them, you are going to get the smoothest gaming experience ever. Let’s get started!


Discord is a modern multi-purpose application that is ideal for gamers. It includes a beautiful interface with multiple channels and servers to help you communicate with your loved ones.


Steam is a famous digital gaming library program that’s more extensive than most cloud libraries and online gaming platforms. The client acts as a social hub that allows you to connect with your loved ones, enjoy your achievements, and play your favorite games together.

This platform will also help you with home streaming. Home-streaming is a feature that allows you to stream your games from your PC to other devices within your network. This platform can be downloaded free of charge.


Parsec is a game streaming platform that allows you to play your favorite games with your friends online. This platform uses the Cloud to enable users to host games on their computers. You can use this function for home streaming or online multiplayer with other users.

You can also use Parsec to access casino games that are hard to find in the market. You can enjoy £10 free no deposit casino UK games with your friends thanks to the multiplayer feature. Other players don’t have to install these games on their computers to receive 10 pounds no deposit bonus. As long as the host has downloaded and installed the game, anyone on the network can access it. This platform can be downloaded free of charge.

OBS Studio

This program can record audio and your screen while you are playing your game. This makes it easy for you to watch and share not only what’s happening on your screen but also any commentary that you’d like to add to your headset or microphone.

OBS Studio can also help you with recording different types of content for instance tutorials. This is a powerful tool despite its basic appearance. You can use it to stream, record, and even capture moments with friends.


While you might think that this platform can only be used for live streaming, it’s beneficial for people who don’t stream games. One of its top features is game add-ons and overlay management thanks to CurseForge. Twitch acts as the hub through which users can manage different mods for their games like World of Warcraft and Minecraft.

Twitch’s desktop contains several social features such as friend lists, community hosting, and video chat to name a few. Similar to other apps, its developers are always looking for new ways to improve the program and its features.

Razer Cortex

While most developers are focused on improving their hardware to help gamers get value for money, most gamers don’t usually download or install the latest components. And this can result in the poor gaming experience. Choosing the right software and hardware will greatly improve your experience. Razer Cortex has a game booster feature that frees us resources and memory for optimum performance.


These are some of the best apps and platforms that will help in improving your gaming experience. Before choosing a platform, it’s always important to look at its specs and software requirements to ensure that it will work properly on your PC. If you have never used these platforms, it’s important to seek professional help.

The gaming industry is evolving at a rapid rate thanks to technological advancements. Developers and gamer who take their time to study the market trends will have an easy time in the future. When looking for your ideal platform, avoid believing and downloading everything you see. The last thing you want to happen is to see your new PC crushing.

Always download from reputable online platforms. Also, going through reviews left behind by other players will help you make informed decisions. With these tips in mind, you should be ready to go. Don’t forget to invite your friends!


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