Open Relay Configured Public Mail Servers Email Spoofing Tool


Cybercriminals use email spoofing to send falsified messages. Publicly available email servers can be used for email spoofing attacks. You can test your server with an open relay using the Email Spoofing Tool.

An open relay is a SMTP server that enables third parties to relay (send / receive email messages that are neither from nor to local users). Spam senders usually target such servers to send spoofed emails to the victim’s inbox.

Email spoofing Tool

You can use GitHub to clone or download the tool. Here we present our tool for testing whether or not your email servers are vulnerable to email spoofing attacks.

Here are the easy steps to detect open relays with our email spoofing tool.

  • Step 1: Clone the Github method.
  • Step 2: When the tool has been cloned, browse the folder and run Python
  • Step 3: Please fill in the email address of your victims and your address of the email servers,
  • Step 4: Then enter in the message you wish to send.
  • Step 5: if the mail server is vulnerable, “Your message is 147” will be displayed, if you are not vulnerable then the message will be filed with an error.


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