The 8 Best Internet Security and Hacking Professionals Technology

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Hacking technology is not only used for criminal purposes by hackers, but also used by white hat hackers and security professionals to detect a network or end point vulnerability.

Many hacking tools, including commercial and non-commercial apps, are available on the Internet. It’s always good for cyber criminals to test your network security, to see the loopholes and to resolve them before the black hats take advantage of them.

8 Best Web Security & Hacking Software


Probably scans for network vulnerabilities and helps security professionals identify critical vulnerabilities and correct them on time.

Scan for SQL injections, XSS, application vulnerabilities and more are the main features. This platform helps many team members to contribute to the overall network assessment process through its comprehensive integration with JIRA and Slack. The disruptive identification system and its numerous network notifications are an added advantage.

Typically scans the network and it gives security professionals better visibility.


Netsparket is another method for vulnerability analysis, which tests SQL injection, XSS and other network web application vulnerabilities. This one is in the cloud and in the house. Get to know about free online sql injection scanner here.

Netsparket’s best performances involve accurate detection with precise scan-based proof. It also detects URL and 404 error pages and bug tracking protocols seamlessly integrated. High-speed scanning is another advantage that allows 1000 web applications to be scanned in one day.


In conjunction with machine learning, Wallarm automates security for APIs, apps and other services. Its integration with machine learning enables DevOps department to test and help to design better workflows across network infrastructure. The automated WAF in Wallarm will work with public, private and hybrid clouds and eventually lead to a great partnership with AWS, CNCF and Google. The IA-eng


Acunetix is one of the best safety software providers, as it clearly pictures the hacker and thus keeps security professionals a step ahead of cyber criminals. It handles HTML5, JavaScript, SQL injections, XSS, etc. To order to prepare better for surprises, all internet applications and resources are controlled clearly.

In addition to the vulnerabilities of web applications, it also looks after the WordPress core and plugins. Acunetix has other essential software security experts with fast scanning capabilities.


BurpSuite is an outstanding web security and security testing software with extensive penetration testing features. This tool is the right package for penetration test teams from mapping to analyzing the attack vector in the application.

The next-generation security evaluation tools are BurpSuite’s automated scanning procedures, vulnerability management frameworks, extensive compliance reports, detailed scanning processes.

6.Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner is a cross-platform open source hacker that provides ethical hacking features to security staff. Scans local network, directories, commandline interfaces, accompanies most data fetchers, and also supports comprehensive export of data.

7.Qualys Guard

Qualy Guard is another major security provider that helps business to simplify network security and compliance. This internet protection and hacking tools also help businesses track their vulnerability to cloud systems. Takes care of data vulnerability, visibility, data analysis, threats in real time, etc. Start qualys freescan download to check vulnerablity

Reliability, precision and simplicity are QualysGuard’s best advantages.


HashCat is a password cracking program to retrieve lost passwords and to check the history of password to carry out audits and documents.

It is a cross-platform open source platform that takes care of multiple devices within the same network and supplies an integrated thermal monitor, built-in benchmarking program, and decentralized cracking networks.

In particular, it supports automatic network performance management.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.