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Remotely Access

Remote Access Monitoring Software- ITarian Remote Access is a peer-to-peer communication solution that connects to managed endpoints over the secure RTP protocol. Because the tool makes use of industry-standard technologies and protocols, no additional software or hardware is required. The software is available for download on our website. This is also available for download separately. Registration for an account in ITarian is not required. You can get it for free and use it with whatever RMM platform you like.

Remote Access Monitoring Software Step # 1: Download

To get started, go to and click “Get Now for Free” in the top-right corner. Click “GetNow” after entering your email address. Then select “Save File” from the drop-down menu.

Remote Access Monitoring Software Step # 2: Setup

  • Your default download location will be used to save the setup file. To begin the installation procedure, run the setup file:
  • Read the licence agreement, agree to the terms of the licence, and then click “Install.” It is critical that you read the licence agreement before using the ITarian Remote Access Monitoring Software so that you are aware of the terms and limitations.

Remote Access Monitoring Software Step # 3: Launch

  • To use the app, click ‘Launch’ after it has been installed.
  • ITarian generates an ID number and password for you after you install it.
  • ITarian must also be installed on all of the endpoints that you intend to administer.

Remote Access Monitoring Software Step # 4: Connect to Endpoints.

  • Make sure ITarian is installed on the endpoint you’d like to administer as well. After that, open ITarian on your local PC and instruct your client to do the same on the device you want to administer. Obtain your client’s ITarian ID and password and transmit them to you. Select “Connection Start” from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the remote endpoint’s ID and password. “Connect” should be selected.
    The password is only good for the current session. For each session, a new password is generated.
  • A connection request will be sent to the remote user, who must accept it. Otherwise, the connection attempt will timeout if the user does not accept within 60 seconds. The remote endpoint will display a dialogue box with connection details after accepting.
  • You can now connect to the distant system and complete tasks as needed.

Remote Access Monitoring Software Step # 5: The Toolbar

After you’ve finished connecting the endpoint, the ITarian window will display the distant machine’s desktop. The remote access toolbar can be used to manage your connection.

The features available in the toolbar are listed in the table below.


To move the tool bar, click and drag it to the desired spot.

Full-screen mode

Without the operating system’s window-framing interface, the remote desktop will cover your full display. To exit full screen mode, click the same icon.


In full-screen mode, the tool bar is locked in place.


Option to show/hide the toolbar.


To the endpoint, send control commands.

Sending Ctrl + Alt + Del to the remote device brings up the Windows security screen.

  • The distant PC is locked.
  • The current user on the remote system should be logged out.
  • Change the remote machine’s password.
  • On the remote machine, look at the task manager.
  • Turn off, restart, or hibernate the remote computer.

Lock Session

The remote endpoint is locked. To unlock the endpoint, enter a password.

Send Special Keys – Send key combination commands such as Ctrl+C, Windows + R, and so on if this option is enabled. The operating systems of the local (admin) device and the remote device determine special key combinations.


Change the remote desktop’s display size. The following are the choices:

  • Optimal Fit – Adjusts the screen resolution automatically for the best visual experience.
  • Scaled – Displays the target desktop at the admin computer’s resolution.
  • Default – Shows the target desktop in its native resolution.
  • Full screen – Shows the remote desktop in its entirety.


The multi-screen symbol displays only if the target point endpoint is set up with several monitors. The drop-down menu displays all of the endpoint’s monitors, allowing you to select which to see.

To proceed to the next screen on the list, select ‘Switch Screen.’

Software for Remote Access Monitoring # 6: Get Support and Suggest a Feature

To access the support centre, click the life-preserver icon in the side menu:

Using Remote Access

View articles that describe how to use Itarian Remote Access to do tasks.

Something’s Not Working

Create a support ticket and send it to us. Read the articles in the knowledgebase.

Suggest a Feature

Share your opinions on the ITarian community discussion board.


We hope you gained a lot of information from this essay. The ITarian remote management tools can be completely trusted, as their functions will multiply your team’s efforts over several client networks. It will completely transform any MSP business. There are a few more features you should look at right now.

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