Skyrim Game Crashes When Loading Save

Skyrim Game Crashes When Loading Save
Skyrim Game Crashes When Loading Save

Autosave Or Quicksave Loading

In Bethesda games, autosaves and quicksaves are notoriously unreliable. These saves store data in a less stable manner than excellent saves, which can result in crashing if the quicksave or autosave is huge.

Troubleshooting Skyrim Game Crashes When Loading Save Crashes

To fix this, either reduce the frequency of autosaves or turn them off completely. Install an autosave mod to form saves for you if you choose the latter option. Although it may seem unnecessary, mod autosaves are almost always more stable than Bethesda’s autosaves.

What exactly is this?

When loading a save game from the main menu if you’re playing Skyrim with a lot of mods, you’ll almost surely crash. The following were the only reliable approaches to get around this at first:

To get inside the qasmoke cell, open the console and type “coc qasmoke” to manually load a save game there.

Keep a backup save game in a “safe” spot that you may load first, then manually load your desired save game after the safe one is loaded.
To quickly start a replacement game, use an alternate start mod, then load a save game after the new game has started.

When all you want to do is return to the last point where you saved your game, those approaches are complex and time-consuming. This mod makes some changes so that when you press CONTINUE or LOAD in the main menu, it will load your save game in a different way, which should prevent crashing while loading save games without the complexity of the previous methods.

Because it tries to work around Skyrim’s problems, this mod isn’t guaranteed to work 100% of the time. If this doesn’t work, there are probably more mods causing issues, which will take some time to figure out. Furthermore, creating this work on each computer with every potential combination of mods is difficult.

If you don’t get crashes when loading save games, there’s no point in installing this mod because it’ll just waste a squeeze in your load order. I strongly advise you to try Crash Fixes before using this mod because it contains a number of fixes for crashing that this mod does not employ.

To tackle and resolve any stability troubles, you’ll additionally desire to follow the steadfastness Performance Optimization ENB Configuration instruction. When all other options have been explored, this mod should be utilized.

Skyrim Crash on Save and CTD on Save are now fully fixed.

Saving is one of the most significant elements that a player may use in Single Player games, and it’s just as crucial as anything else. However, customers have recently reported that their game crashes when they save. This “Skyrim Crash on Save” problem is unfortunately widespread. We’ll go through a few of the reasons why this could happen in this article, as well as some simple remedies to solve the problem.

What Causes Skyrim to Crash When Saving?

Following a thorough analysis, we discovered that the problem is primarily caused by the following factors:

Strings: Skyrim is renowned for its burgeoning modding community. Unfortunately, this comes with the awful curse of a large string count, which severely limits the sport’s functionality. The problem could be triggered if you have a lot of mods installed.
Glitched Save: Because Skyrim’s technical support is mainly provided by the unofficial modding community, the game’s makers don’t issue many updates. This is why, for some individuals, the saving feature appears to be broken and cannot be loaded manually. This appears to be a side effect of extensive modification, as well as a sign of the game’s lack of official support.
Once again, we’ve reduced it down to these two reasons because they’re the most common explanations.

Pre-Tips: Get your mods organised and set up their load orders.

Make sure the system isn’t being slowed down by a lack of resources.
Check if removing some recently installed mods helps.
Check to see if your basic r hardware can handle the number of mods you’re running.

Solution 1: Loading an Old Skyrim Save Game

The only thing that seems to work for the users is to load an older save game. You can’t recover a corrupted save game, so any progress you made while playing it is gone. In most circumstances, loading an older save game resolves the difficulty, and the game resumes normal operation. We recommend that you conduct a quicksave every now and then while playing.

We also strongly advise that you make a substitute savegame as soon as possible using the Pause Menu.

Solution 2: Using the Kill Command for Players

In what appears to be a regular remedy for this issue, players utilise the self kill command to initiate an auto-reload, which appears to load the sport properly. The method for triggering an auto-reload is listed below.

  1. On the keyboard, press the “” key just below the “Esc” button.
  2. To run the command, type it inside the quotation marks and press “Enter.”
  3. Wait for the sport to load before checking to see whether the problem persists.
  4. Typical Workaround:
  5. It would be beneficial if you also attempted to:
  6. Load the game that included the crashing bug.
  7. As previously stated, use the “Player.kill” command.
  8. Try saving and seeing if it works.

Solution 3: Make changes to the “Skyrim.ini” file

The Skyrim.ini file, as we all know, stores the virtual user configurations, and we may edit it to make the game operate better. So we’ve done precisely that, and we’ll also show you how to do it.

1. Locate the “Skyrim.ini” file in the “Skyrim.ini” folder.

2. Edit it and change the exact code to match the following configurations.

[Papyrus] \sfPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=500.0 \sbEnableLogging=0 \sbEnableTrace=0 \sbLoadDebugInformation=0
1024 iMinMemoryPageSize
3072 iMaxMemoryPageSize

This can also be done via the console, but this way is significantly more convenient.

1. Skyrim Crashes When Loading Saved Games (User Question)

Yesterday, I attempted to download a replacement blood texture mod for Skyrim, and when I went to load one of my saved games, the game started to load (and took me to the scene with the moving mist), but it crashed to desktop after a few seconds. This has happened with every saved game I’ve ever had. Nonetheless, there are two noteworthy developments: 1) It doesn’t crash the initial saved game (the one Skyrim makes as you get close to creating your character), and it lets me start new games, and 2) the last save file I produced will load to the mist loading screen, but no objects or lore appear. That is something that no other file does. I’m not sure if that matters, but I felt I’d mention it just in case.

2. When I load a saved game, Skyrim crashes!?

So I haven’t played Skyrim in almost a year, and when I did, I had a tone of modifications installed.

Now I have a new install of Skyrim with no mods, all DLCs, and some issues…

When I try to load one of my recently saved games, it warns me that “Some stuff might not work… etcetera,” then goes to the loading screen for about 2 seconds before crashing. It works well if I start a new game or try to load an extremely ancient save file (one that has never had mods).

I experimented with the load order, save cleanups, and plugin management, all to no avail.

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