Survive The Internet

Survive The Internet
Survive The Internet

“Survive the internet” is written here.

Information about the game

Survive the Web might be a user-generated content game set on a fictitious version of the internet. One player is given an issue that asks for their thoughts on a particular topic. Their response is taken out of context and forwarded to a separate player, who is then instructed to figure out what the comment was in response to as if they were on a certain website, twisting the words to make the initial player look bad. After that, all players are given with the pairs of original responses and, as a result, the guessed topic, and they must vote on which pair is the most absurd. For each vote, the second player receives a larger amount of points, while the primary player who responded receives a smaller number. The player who has the most points at the top is the winner, as he or she has “survived the Internet.”


Each round, all players use their gadgets to solve the provided question. Following that, each participant will receive a solution from another player. They must take the offered answer and twist it out of context. All responses will be presented on-screen after this step. Following that, each player casts a vote for the remark that appears to be the most absurd. The person who twisted the response receives 100 points for each vote (doubled in the final Round). As sympathy points, one-fifth of that amount is granted to the person who correctly answers the question.

The player who gets the simplest burn (the most votes in a round) receives an additional 150 points, while the player who wrote the solution receives 30 sympathy points.

Video Site for Round Types

A gamer is asked how they feel about anything on the video site. After that, someone else creates a video title for that comment.

The Internet and Social Media


Site for Crowdfunding


Job Connections

Players are assigned a personality type on the job search website. They are requested to submit an outline of said type of person, which is then sent to a separate player, who must provide a reputation that matches the outline provided.

Site of Check-In


Forum on the Internet

Questions to be determined

Site for Sharing Photographs

The final Round, in which all points are doubled. Players will be given a problem to solve with two options and will be able to send a snapshot of their chosen answer. The player who received the photo then creates a caption for it in the name of the original chooser.


If you go to (the website where the Survive the Internet party takes place), you’re going to jack box. Tv.

One of the files that will appear on the lobby screen might be Word Spud 2, a sequel to the popular Word Spud game.

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