Super Smash Flash 2 Hacked Unblocked Download


Super Smash Flash 2 Hacked combat game is an enhanced version of Super Smash Flash 2(SSF2). The SSF2 was produced by McLeodGaming and developed by a Cleod 9 production-led development community. The compromised edition has cleaner assaults and there’s also great color synchronization. The game is partly based on the series of super smash bros, particularly the one of the brawl. There are several web updates, including the new super smash flash 4.

The GamePlay

This gameplay is very different from the other traditional games. It uses a percentage counter for damage to determine the character’s health. The loss adds up as a result when a player is beaten up, increasing the percentage point. The probability of throwing the character out of the stage as the percentage value increases.

The Characters


Super Smash Brawl’s characters represent their different universes. Each have their own normal and special attacks as well as the main smash that is exclusive to each. There are two types of characters, the first ones that are present from the beginning and the unlocked ones that are unlocked as you proceed. Some of the characters from the previous game were left out while others were introduced as well.

The Controls

ssf-2 Controls

The game has options for both teams as a one-player game or two-player game based on the collection. The settings for the match are as follows: the previous game was left out while others were introduced as well.

    1. A-move player to the left
    2. D-move player to the right
    3. W-move player up
    4. S-move player down
    5. O-special moves for example the final smash
    6. P-standard attacks
    7. I-shielding
    8. L-taunting

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In player two, the arrow keys are used to push the character while the battle choices include number pad 1 instead of O, number pad 2 instead of P, number pad 3 instead of I, and number pad 4 instead of L.

The Instructions

The game can be played in two different modes, time and stock mode, or you can play in both of them in a mixed style. You win a point when you KO your opponent or lose a point when you’re on the receiving end of time mode as the players battle. The actual winner is the one who accumulates more points at the end of the specified period span. After the time limit, there may be a rare case of equal points, but a sudden death contest in which a champion arises determines that. On the other side, the stock mode is quite fascinating. Growing character is given a specific number of life choices in this style. You risk a future as the war continues on and you get KOd or you kill yourself. The fight continues until one of the player’s sacrifices all their life, leaving the champion the last surviving match.

Just like the newly popular flash game–Haunt The House 2–the title is simply amazing and worth the time and effort.

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