Top 10 Best Android Emulator for Windows Mobile Applications-2019


iOS Emulator is popular for Windows platform experiencing iOS applications. Windows and Mac are the world’s leading OS environments and Linux is favoured mostly by developers and security professionals.

Likewise, if you are a user with a smartphone or iPad and a Windows PC, your Android and iOS market share may also be irritating to you, especially when it comes to data transfers and the use of iOS apps with your PC. This is where people use an iOS simulator to simplify stuff.

What is an Emulator for iOS?

An emulator is a virtual program that host, but temporarily, the requested OS environment on the original OS platform. Using the iOS emulator, users can host theiOS environment on their Windows PC to communicate between two separate OS systems, run devices, and transfer data at their convenience.

Such emulators use virtualization technology to create virtual machines. Furthermore, iOS emulators vary from iOS simulators, former OS hosts and hardware, but simulators do not.

Let’s address in this article the top 10 iOS emulator for Windows PC that will help users to simplify the interaction between iOS and Windows.

1. Smartface


Smartface is the best iOS emulator on the market, enabling developers to test their iOS apps prior to publishing. All paid and free options are available. The cross-platform environment is used by most companies to develop and test applications. By 2020, Gartner has predicted that more than 75% of businesses will use at least one mobile application development platform.

Smartface allows users to simulate the Windows PC’s iOS environment with just one button.

2. is another option for an iOS emulator, known for its easy and easy navigation but sometimes it could be slow and take nearly 30 minutes to bring up the applications. This is a cloud-based emulator, and users just have to sync their ios.appi package to start things with their Windows PC. is useful to users who prefer the user interface over performance.

3. Air Phone


Air Phone is like other iOS emulators that can help users incorporate their iphone UI into their Windows devices, but you need to install the Adobe AIR software to run your emulator successfully using Air Phone.

4. Mobione studio


Mobione is one of the best iOS emulators for Windows OS that allows users to host games and apps. Developers use this app to teste and create cross-platform apps easily.

5. iOS Emulator

Appetize.io_ is relatively similar to and a better alternative to For the first 100 minutes, this simulator can be used for free, and then costs are $0.05 per minute. If users are only looking for testing purposes, this is totally free.

6. Electric mobile studio


This emulator is for premium users because it comes with exorbitant but also costly performance. It helps developers create iOS apps in a coding language different from their native language and starts free for 7 days, but then for $39.99 a month. The portable electric studio uses more RAM but has the right reasons to choose it relative to other alternatives.

7. iMame iOS Emulator


This emulator is known for gaming applications, which enable users to download and install all games / apps on smartphones. Although the iMame emulator has few bugs, users who prefer to play can download it and use it.

8. Ripple iOS Emulator


This is a Google Chrome derived extension emulator that users can use to create cross-platform software based on the cloud and to manage nearly all iPhone apps. Developers know Ripple well and the value of this simulator.

9. Xamarin Tesflight


Xamarin belongs to Apple Corporations and helps you to replicate youriOS experience into your Mac. Apps in or above version 8.0 function well with this emulator, but users may use the other emulators referred to in this article for older versions. When Apple creates Xamarin Testflight, apps are of high quality.

10. iDos


iDos is yet another iOS simulator that offers iOS functionality to your Windows PC. Although no changes have been made recently for that emulator, users can still continue, install it and try for themselves to find alternatives other than those mentioned in this article.

There are a number of iOS emulators on the market for Windows PCs but identifying the right ones for your request might be a bit tricky as each of theiOS emulators comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Choose your emulators intelligently based on your specifications and try testing a few emulators before taking your final decision.

Users can develop and test their iOS applications in the Windows environment, which they usually use to develop other programs and software. The need to change their OS system can be prevented with the iOS emulator, but this could only be useful to small applications.


  • Use of cross-platform.
  • Native OS is still unaffected.
  • Simplified options for app development.
  • Simple play.
  • Hard playing.


  • Performance can be affected.
  • Native software can sometimes take time to work with emulators.
  • Hit efficiency.

Users must understand the importance of emulators because they bring virtual technology into use and thus facilitate development and cross-platform testing. Smartface, Ripple and could be the best option from the above mentioned iOS emulators to make your experience with Windows platform easy and straightforward.


Please go ahead and try the recommended set of iOS emulators and let us know below, together with its advantage and disadvantages, in the comments that worked best for you as this will help users to get to know the readers.





Mark Funk
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