Twitch Bits Not Showing Up

Twitch Bit Badge Not Showing
Twitch Bit Badge Not Showing

“Twitch bits not showing up,” as seen here.

Fix: Twitch Bits Aren’t Displaying

Are your Twitch clips not appearing? Have you been watching commercials for bits yet your Bits balance has remained the same? All of the available solutions are listed here.

Twitch’s official virtual currency is bits. People enjoy buying them since they have so many uses.

Traditional currency is required to purchase Bits. It’s alarming if you’re charged yet your Twitch Bits balance remains the same. This is especially true if you are purchasing Bits for the first time.

This scenario is, however, well-known among veteran Twitch users, and it’s nothing to be concerned about.

Take a look at the methods listed below to assist you deal with the Twitch Bits Not Showing Up problem.

Fix #1: Be patient.

Twitch processes a massive volume of transactions every day, which can put a strain on even the most well-designed web platform.

Your best option, before you panic or take any further action, may be to simply wait it out. After around half an hour, you should have a better idea whether the transaction will go through or not.

Users frequently fail to detect that their transaction has been cancelled or put on hold.

If your Bits don’t appear after a while, open PayPal or whatever payment service you’re using. Check your account to check if the transaction was completed successfully or if it was declined.

If you’ve been charged but haven’t received your Bits, move on to the next option.

Please keep in mind that revenue statistics may not have been updated in your time zone. Twitch updates this data according to the UTC time zone.

Fix 2: Go to the Revenues Page and double-check your balance.

Your revenues panel is the most precise location to verify your Bits balance. Some users have noted that this panel is the only place on Twitch where they can view an updated balance, hence it is the most reliable.

Follow the steps below to go to this page.

  1. Sign in to your account on using your browser.
  2. Check your Payout Dashboard to see how much money you have left.
  3. If you’ve seen Bits advertisements, you should be able to monitor the status of any previous transactions.
  4. If the most recent transaction has a “rejected” status, this is most likely why your balance hasn’t changed.

A transaction could be refused for a variety of reasons.

You can get more information about Twitch’s Payout History Dashboard in their official guide, which covers the topic in depth.

Fix 3: Get in touch with Twitch’s customer service.

If you’ve previously confirmed that Twitch charged you for your Bits purchase or that you received them as a gift (thank you), but the balance hasn’t been updated after a day, you should contact Twitch’s support team.

This is a rare occurrence, but it is not unthinkable.

What Are Fake Twitch Donations, and Why Do They Exist?

If you’re a newcomer on Twitch, you might not be aware of the concept of fraudulent donations.

Twitch is dedicated to avoiding false donations, but it’s not so easy to get rid of users who take advantage of PayPal’s and other payment providers’ return systems.

It’s crucial to be aware of this since trolls utilise ingenious tactics to deceive streamers into believing they’ve received a donation.

Faking a Twitch Bits donation is more difficult than refunding a real one made through PayPal, but it is doable if you aren’t up to date on the latest methods, such as sending false donation messages that are coloured to appear like the real thing.’s official virtual currency is Bits. They have a wide range of applications, which is why people enjoy buying them.

You’ll need actual money to purchase Bits. Things can get a little dangerous if you get charged but your Twitch Bits balance remains the same. This is especially true if it’s your first time buying something.

This is, however, a well-known problem among Twitch veterans, and it’s nothing to be concerned about.

This tutorial will aid you in resolving the Twitch Bits Not Exposed issue, so please take a look at the remedies below.

Are there any Twitch clips missing? Here’s how to make it right!

1. Give it a little more time.

It’s possible that bits won’t appear right away after a donation. As a result, you must be present for a minimum of 24 hours for the transaction to take effect.

2. Examine your earnings

  1. Examine the Revenues page to ensure you received the Bits.
  2. In Twitch, go to the dashboard.
  3. Look at Revenues.

3. Use the UR Browser to access Twitch.

  1. UR Browser is the best browser for Twitch out of all the options. So, use the best-optimized browser for the purpose to avoid any issues with the web streaming platform.
  2. In addition, you’ll make UR Browser your default web browser. It’s small, easy to use, and focused on privacy. UR Browser is a user’s invitation to everything.
  3. Still not persuaded? Could you read our UR Browser review in detail?

What Are Fake Twitch Donations, and Why Do They Exist?

If you’re a more recent Twitch user, you’re probably unfamiliar with the term “fake donations.”

Although Twitch is committed to avoiding false donations, it is more difficult to compel people who exploit PayPal’s and other similar payment providers’ return systems to stop.

It’s critical to understand this since trolls are always coming up with new ways to deceive broadcasters into believing they’ve received a donation.

Faking a Twitch Bits donation is more difficult than faking a genuine PayPal donation, but it is still doable if you aren’t up to date on all the latest tactics, such as sending colored messages in chat with phoney donation text.


The most typical reason for Twitch Bits not showing up, as you can see from the options given above, is simply a delay induced by Twitch or your payment source. In most cases, double-checking your transaction and waiting it out is the best answer.

There are, however, fewer instances where phoney Twitch donations are to fault. There isn’t much you can do about that, but hopefully it won’t happen frequently.

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