Utopia: Blockchain Messenger Which Will Reshape – The Way We Communicate


One of the severest problems of modern messengers is their excessive desire to collect as much personal data as possible. Despite the fact that most messengers use quite advanced technologies for security assurance and strong encryption algorithms, that doesn’t presuppose the total user’s file security.

However, everything is not so hopeless at all. It’s already been a couple of weeks since I started testing the Utopia ecosystem, and I must admit my sincere sympathy to it in terms of users’ privacy and Web anonymity.

So now I’m sharing my impression on Utopia blockchain messenger.

What is Utopia Ecosystem?

Utopia ecosystem is a P2P network, completely decentralized and self-enclosed. It was developed by group of anonymous developers which think that modern online presence is really unsafe, insecure, and not private. I agree.

The scale of this ecosystem is really impressive. It is capable of replacing a great deal of all the apps and tools that we use today. Just take a look:

  • Messenger

An IM with the possibility to send both text messages and record voice ones and to attach any kind of files. You also can create group chats and channels.

Any of your channels can be Geo-tagged with uMaps. That will simplify the processes of searching your chat among others by location if you prefer.

For those who would like to bring some fun to this absolutely serious messenger, there are a lot of amazing stickers.

  • uMail

A traditional email with all its perks but a decentralized one. The main difference is that all your emails are encrypted and can’t be read by any third parties. All the familiar functionality remains the same as regular e-mail.

  • Idyll Browser

A browser which enables private and anonymous surf on the Net. It is a good alternative to the well-known Tor browser.

  • uWallet

It’s your own wallet through which you can process all the transactions in Crypton – a native mineable cryptocurrency of Utopia Network. With uWallet, you can also create Crypto Cards, which is an advanced alternative to traditional cards like Visa or MasterCard.

In addition, the network includes various organizing tools and games, mining bots, API for business integrations, and so on. But let’s get closer to the messenger itself.

What do I think about Utopia Blockchain Messenger?

As I have said, Utopia introduces the decentralized messenger with P2P architecture, which guarantees the highest privacy level we can imagine. Let me explain why I think so.


First, Utopia does not belong to these huge corporations which aimed at collecting as much user data as possible not only for marketing purposes. For example, Facebook which owns both its messenger and WhatsApp, stores information and content created by users, data about their friends and acquaintances (connections), the application usage, transactions and even information that other users have published about the user.

Second, Utopia is decentralized, unlike traditional messengers. Even well-known Telegram is centralized, which means that access to it can be blocked by the authorities. Such attempts have already been made. As a result, access to this tool is almost impossible for some users. That forces them to switch to less secure alternatives. As a result, the overall level of communication security is reduced. Utopia literally saved the situation as decentralization means that the data is not stored at one central server, but is stored at each user’s local device in an encrypted file. Nobody except you has access to it as you are a keyholder.

Third, the newest encryption methods here, including elliptic curve, are applied. All the messages are encrypted and can be decrypted only by the recipient. Even if the message is intercepted, it can’t be decrypted by the third party.


The registration on the network is completely anonymous – you create your account without any emails and phone numbers. It enables you to stay incognito not only when you open “Incognito Window”, which provides the initial anonymity on the Net. Moreover, it is supported by the ecosystem itself and all the users.

Even your IP cannot be traced and revealed thanks to integrated uMaps.


The interface is simple, without additional complications. But honestly, that’s what I like cause the prime aim of this messenger is to be reliable and secure.

At the same time, all the necessary functionality is at hand, and that’s the main point. The interface is user-friendly. As for me, the possibility to have all the apps in one dashboard is wonderful. It saves time and brings real joy to being online, but that’s probably my inner geek coming out.

The ecosystem is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, so there will be no problem with downloading and installing.

Final word

Will Utopia Messenger change the entire concept of private communication on the Net? I have a strong belief that yes, it can. It’s too early to speak about it as the product is now only in its beta version till October, 2019.. But a lot of volunteers have already put a high value on it.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.