Waterproof Cases For Your iPhone 14 Pro Max

AirDrop Attack

iPhone 14 Pro Max – For underwater photography or videography, this case offers the ideal protection. Featuring precise cutouts and watertight seals, as well as screen sensitivity preservation and wireless charging support.

This case is watertight to 6.6 feet and passes military drop test certification, featuring raised edges to protect camera lenses as well as built-in screen protectors.

OtterBox Fre Series

OtterBox Fre Series waterproof cases for iPhone 14 Pro Max offer you all-day protection, keeping up with an active lifestyle by protecting against water, dirt, snow and drops while remaining sustainable with up to 50% recycled materials in their construction.

This case boasts a polycarbonate frame with internal foam padding to absorb shocks and prevent damage. Additionally, its rubber slipcover helps shield your screen from scratches while being compatible with MagSafe accessories. Plus it comes complete with a belt-clip holster so you can use your phone hands-free! Available in multiple colors with rave reviews from Amazon reviewers and Redditors alike!

Easy and discreetly protecting the iPhone. No fussy installation process necessary as all holster and flaps snap into place effortlessly with the case locking into place without any movement or wobbliness. Rated to meet military drop standards so your phone is protected against environmental elements.

OtterBox Fre stands out as being environmentally-friendly by being made with up to 50% recycled plastic – including ocean-based waste! Additionally, this case boasts built-in screen protector and port covers to safeguard your device against accidental drops or splashes, IP68 waterproof rating for protection in submersion up to two meters and submersion up to an hour – great features that set this case apart!

OtterBox offers two durable cases that provide ample protection at an economical price: the Commuter is made of two layers that interlock securely into place while Fre uses synthetic rubber slipcover that snaps into place on plastic protective shell. However, due to its thicker design, the Commuter provides more protection while still remaining lightweight and easy to hold in your hand.

Catalyst Total Protection Case

The Catalyst case is certified to 2 meters or 6.5 feet and designed to keep your iPhone clean, working efficiently, and free from germs. The case seals out water, dust, and dirt and can easily be cleaned using EPA-approved disinfectants. In addition, there is a rotating mute switch and dual attachment points for lanyards; plus it works with MagSafe charging as well as Qi wireless chargers and has no impact on speakers or microphones – plus its easy installation makes for a simple setup experience!

The Catalyst case stands out from other waterproof cases by being extremely slim, while remaining impactproof. You won’t notice extra bulk in your phone when using it with this case and its lightweight build makes it easier to hold onto. Available in Stealth Black with free lanyard, the case’s high-grade materials were specifically chosen to withstand varied environments.

Its distinctive design features a waterproof plug at the base of its case to seal off its charging port from moisture intrusion, making this phone ideal for swimming and diving without fear of accidentally dropping it into water puddles. Furthermore, the case is easily cleanable and resistant to rust or corrosion damage.

Package highlights visually pleasing side-by-side raised images of both front and back surfaces with seven features (icons/iconography). Features such as cleaning with soap & water and being submersible up to 33Ft (6.6M), patented rotating Mute Switch 4, Dual Attachment Points 5, Fingerprint-Free Frosted Back 6. Flexible Charge Port Plug 7, Anti-Drop Protection are displayed prominently.

Krakatoa Dot Waterproof Case

This waterproof case offers you both protection from water, yet still allows you to take photos and videos underwater. Lightweight yet sturdy, with a built-in screen protector that won’t affect touchscreen sensitivity; rubber back with grippiness; sealed design supporting Qi wireless charging technology.

This IP68 waterproof case is perfect for taking your iPhone 14 Pro Max on camping trips or vacations, with its slim design and sealable lid that protects it from dirt, dust, and sand. Plus it includes a camera lens cover to make sure that its lens remains safe! Furthermore it’s simple to clean and is compatible with most MagSafe accessories!

The Yogre waterproof case is constructed of high-grade polycarbonate and TPU materials, featuring a raised edge around the camera to protect it from damage, as well as watertight port covers to keep out dust and can withstand drops up to 12ft. Perfect for hiking trips or underwater photography. Additionally, MagSafe wireless charging capabilities and accessories are supported.

The Catalyst Total Protection Case is another great choice for safeguarding your iPhone 14 Pro Max. It boasts 5x more waterproof protection than its leading competitor and can withstand drops up to 33ft, as well as being dustproof, shockproof and dustproof with dust seal protection, dust proof lanyard and fingerprint-resistant security lock button features – its sole downside being it does not offer clear viewing windows of its display for apps you may use regularly.


Spidercase offers this waterproof case as the ideal way to keep their iPhone protected during outdoor activities, like fishing or golfing. Its transparent back panel shows off your phone while protecting it from water damage; 12ft military grade drop protection; camera module protection from unintended drops; MagSafe charging support (but not Qi wireless charging); MagSafe charging accessories but not Qi wireless charging are some additional benefits of owning one of these cases.

SPIDERCASE’s slim waterproof iPhone 14 Pro Max case is an ideal choice for swimmers or kayakers looking to capture images and video while in the water. Equipped with IP68 water resistance certification and waterproof port covers that allow it to remain submerged underwater for up to 60 minutes, this case provides comfortable holding, precise port cutouts, as well as an additional 9H tempered glass screen protector and camera lens cover to provide additional protection.

Ghostek’s NAUTICAL Slim waterproof case is an ideal option for protecting phones while participating in water sports or outdoor activities, with lightweight yet MagSafe magnetic compatibility for easy docking of devices and precise cutouts for accessing ports easily. Unfortunately, like other waterproof cases, its sealed design sometimes causes issues with audio quality during calls; but overall this case provides adequate protection.

AICase is an online retailer offering high-quality cell phone cases and accessories at competitive prices. Customers are assured of an easy purchasing experience made of top-of-the-line materials from this business; customer service stands out among competitors due to its commitment to excellence as do its wide variety of products for every lifestyle and budget.


The iPhone 14 Pro Max and Plus are already water-resistant, but for added protection from water damage you can add a waterproof case. These cases seal off your phone from the elements while being constructed from rugged, impact-resistant materials to withstand drops, bumps, scratches, bumps etc. In some cases they even include built-in screen protectors and camera lens covers to shield their lenses from being scratched during drop. Many are compatible with wireless charging capabilities making them a great option for outdoor enthusiasts!

OtterBox Fre Series waterproof cases provide users with a sturdy solution for protecting their iPhone 14 Pro Max device from drops, dirt, sand and snow. Their rugged design features secure snap-on connection that guards against drops as well as IP68 rating to allow safe photography or videos underwater – unlike many waterproof cases that muffle audio or are compatible with MagSafe accessories.

The Spidercase waterproof case for iPhone 14 Pro Max provides IP68 certification and fully sealed construction to allow submersion up to 6ft underwater for one hour. Furthermore, its raised edges protect cameras from scratches or scuffs.

Ghostek’s NAUTICAL Slim is another outstanding waterproof case for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Featuring a watertight full-body design and port covers to safeguard your phone against dust, sand, and water ingress, military grade drop protection up to 12ft falls, as well as a transparent back panel showcasing your smartphone’s design – these characteristics ensure optimal protection.

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