Why bespoke mobile apps are the future of online gambling?

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With the kind of revolution in the gaming sector, new trends are overtaking the old ones. Gaming companies are now adopting bespoke mobile apps to meet their customer’s needs continuously.

Past studies have also revealed that mobile gambling has gained popularity by about 65%. According to that, it’s true that bespoke mobile apps hold the future of gambling. Keep reading to get the insights. We had a quick chat with our expert Martim Nabeiro and he explained the following as the reasons why bespoke mobile apps are the future of gaming.

Ease of Access

Since the players can access the games through the apps, it’s obvious that they will prefer to play them from there. The apps are also downloadable from the play store and app store, making the players have them on their phones easily. The developers have also made it easier to navigate through the apps, thus saving the players’ time.

The signup process is also not complicated since the player is only required to provide the necessary details when signing up as a first-time user. After that, the player can continue accessing the games without following a lot of procedures. That is why the future of gaming technology is majorly dependent on apps.

Rise of modern playing devices

When casino gaming began to gain popularity, none thought that smartphones would back the popularity globally. But with time, smartphones were developed, and that became the new order. Similarly, other devices like tablets were created, and from then, there has been no turning back.

Most players, old and new, can currently enjoy playing from their comfort. Innovation has also pioneered the further development of smartphones and other advanced devices, making it easier to play casino games. Playing casino online is the new normal, globally championed by the development of gaming apps.


Another reason for the popularity and promising future of mobile gambling apps is their compatibility with the standard operating systems in most devices. Today, if you have either an iOS or Android phone, you can easily download the gaming apps from your smartphone.

Regardless of your device operating system, you can still download and enjoy the games. Accessing the games today via the apps is a click away and not complicated anymore. An advantage is that the play store is a convenient central place where you can get all the gaming apps you need.

Continuous innovation

Do you ever wonder how technology is improving daily coupled with new innovations? If yes, then that affirms to you that the future of gaming technology is promising. For instance, the speed of the internet is continuously improving. It moved from 2G to 3G and 4G. As it stands today, 5G is underway. What does that signify? It shows you that gaming apps are going nowhere.

High Privacy Standards

In mobile gambling, every player values the confidentiality of personal data. If they realize that there is a platform that promotes the virtue, they will transit to it and leave those that do not.

Fortunately, mobile gambling apps are top-notch at enhancing privacy. The developers consistently improve their privacy standards to accommodate future adjustments. Also, they do that to ensure that the players’ data is safe from cybercrime. Continuity of the trend makes the future of gaming technology brighter because user preference is increasing daily.

Increased usage time

According to past revelation, mobile users spend almost 86% of their time on apps and the remaining 14% on websites. Of the 86%, a larger segment is gaming apps because of the love for online gaming. Also, the average time spent by users on gaming sites increases by an average of 21% annually.

The above trend signals that in the future, the time spent by users online will keep increasing. We expect the usage to rise in the future as the number of smartphone users has globally crossed the 3.5 billion mark. Also, the upcoming generation is knowledgeable about mobile gambling. That’s different from the old age where online gaming knowledge was not expected. The upcoming generation will help promote gaming via gaming apps since that is the trend as they grow.


Another reason for the promising future of bespoke mobile apps is how convenient they are regarding updates and usage. Imagine that you can play your favorite games with the mobile app even when you are on a journey. Also, through the apps, you can access the updates concerning the upcoming games.

With the above, it’s undeniable that bespoke mobile apps are the future of mobile gaming. It’s good that the current generation and the upcoming one will be able to accommodate the new normal positively. You can also consider trying the apps and get the feeling of playing from them.

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Cybers Guards. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its Cyber Security Practice and Cyber Security Operations Center, which provided managed security services.