7 Ways to Get More Credits on Audible

7 Ways to Get More Credits on Audible
7 Ways to Get More Credits on Audible

Audible, Amazon’s audiobook library, is one of the largest audiobook providers in the world. Audible allows consumers to listen to selected audiobooks on their preferred device for a monthly fee. Books must be purchased with either money or Audible credits to access audiobooks that aren’t included in the subscription.

The majority of Audible audiobooks cost one credit to purchase, after which the audiobook is added to your collection. Here are the greatest ways to boost your Audible account’s credit balance.

1. Audible offers a free 30-day trial.

Audible offers a free 30-day trial with one free audiobook credit (two if you’re also an Amazon Prime member). This is an excellent opportunity to see if Audible is right for you and to discover how it works (and get a free audiobook or two).

You must also enter your payment information to join up for a free trial. However, payment will not be taken until you’ve completed the free trial, so set a reminder if you decide Audible isn’t for you and want to quit before being charged.

2. Membership Options at Audible

After the 30-day trial period, you’ll be charged for the basic membership plan right away. Gold and Platinum subscriptions were were available from Audible, but the company has since changed its offering. The revised plans are as follows:

Audible Plus is available for $7.95 per month. This choice gives you access to the Audible Plus catalogue, which has over 11,000 titles. Audible Plus, on the other hand, does not add any fresh credits to your account.

Monthly payment of $14.95 for Audible Premium Plus. Premium Plus offers 1 monthly credit as well as access to the Plus library.

Annual subscription to Audible Premium Plus is $149.50. This package contains 12 audiobook credits as well as access to the Plus library.

2-credits of Audible Premium Plus for $22.95 each month. This more expensive option, as the name implies, gives you two credits every month as well as access to the Plus library.

Annual subscription to Audible Premium Plus 2-credits is $229.50. This plan offers 24 credits per year as well as access to the Plus library.

3. Purchase additional credits

This may seem self-evident, but purchasing additional Audible credits is the quickest way to increase your credit balance. If your membership credits run out, Audible provides a three-credit package for a discounted price. The only catch is that you must have been a member for at least 30 days to take advantage of this offer.

The three credit package normally costs around $35 USD, which is less than most audiobooks per credit. We recommend reserving the credits for the more expensive titles and purchasing audiobooks directly.

4. Unique Offers

Audible will occasionally run special promotions on credits or books. For example, Audible offers a 2-for-1 audiobook collection, which allows users to get two audiobooks for the price of one. While this approach does not explicitly teach you how to obtain Audible credits, it will assist you in spreading out your credits.

5. Audible Obstacles

Audible organises challenges for their subscribers on a regular basis. They ran the Audible Challenge in 2020, awarding a $20 Amazon credit to anyone who completed three audiobooks of at least three hours in duration.

Unfortunately, these promotions aren’t always available on Audible. So keep a watch out for Audible challenges in the future!

6. Download and listen to free audiobooks

Audible has a vast number of free audiobooks available. These can be found under Amazon Originals, which you can access by going to Browse and then Amazon Originals.

Audible’s Free Listens section also contains a number of other free audiobooks (and podcasts).

To get access to these free audiobooks, you’ll need an Amazon account with payment information. You can always remove your Amazon account if you don’t like it. Without using your credits, you can listen to as many of these free titles as you want. This will allow you to save your credits towards titles that can be purchased.

7. Coupon Codes

Many of the authors that contribute to Audible’s library provide promotional coupons in order to increase their readership, gain reviews, or get general feedback on their work. Following the author on social media or keeping an eye out in places where the author is likely to advertise their work will usually yield these results. These coupons will allow you to listen to their audiobook for free without having to use another credit, thus giving you a credit for free!

To use a promo code, go to Library, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click Redeem a Promo Code. Then enter your code and click Redeem.

You might get lucky and find a book you’re interested in if you search for Audible promo codes. For this, Reddit is an excellent place to start!

Become an audiobook reviewer by filling out the form below.

Several websites allow audiobook authors to publish promo codes in exchange for Audible reviews (and other platforms). Audiobookworm, Audio Freebies, and Audiobooks Unleashed are a few of them.

Each website is a little different, but in general, you’ll pick an audiobook, be given a promo code, and then be given a period and parameters for writing a review of that audiobook once you’ve finished listening to it.

While this does not show you how to acquire extra Audible credits, if you have the time, it is a terrific way to get free audiobooks! However, keep in mind that these audiobooks may be available through other apps besides Audible!

You now know how to get more Audible credits.

Getting additional Audible credits isn’t difficult, but it usually comes at a cost. If you can’t afford an Audible subscription, there are a few more options to explore. For example, your local library may offer a number of free audiobooks as well as subscriptions to services like as Overdrive. Through their app, Overdrive provides free access to a large variety of audiobooks.

If all else fails, there are a few free audiobook apps on iTunes or Google Play that, while having a lesser collection than Audible, might be a wonderful place to start if you’re looking for a new book!

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