Activate NBA League Pass Apple TV

Activate NBA League Pass Apple TV

You can watch the NBA League Pass on your Apple TV without any blackouts

The NBA program that appears when you have the US selected at the iTunes Shop in your Apple TV configurations won’t work.

You can view NBA League Pass on Apple TV by using the NBA GAME TIME program.

In Preferences, the iTunes shop must be changed to a country other than the US (we recommend the UK). Additionally, you need to log in to the same iTunes account.

It is impossible to change the country location of an iTunes account.

Our simple guide makes it easy to create new iTunes accounts.

Register with your accounts to learn more about the Apple TV.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. The iTunes Store was established in the following years.
  3. Enter your Apple ID password

After you have successfully signed, your iTunes store will be changed to the state you installed it. Once you return to your home screen, you’ll see that all of the programs in that country are now displayed on your display. Also, the NBA GAME TIME program is visible.

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You can activate the NBA League Pass through your connected devices

The NBA Program is available on Roku (selected states), Xbox, Android TV and Playstation (selected states), Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick, as well as Chromecast. Chromecast allows fans to view the NBA Program on their cellular devices. Click on the Chromecast icon in the upper right-hand corner of a matching flow. Follow the below instructions to activate your NBA League Pass subscription via linked devices.

Subscriptions purchased via, iTunes/Google Play

  1. Open the NBA Program from your device.
  2. Navigate to Preferences
  3. Click In under the Account tab
  4. Enter credentials

TV Provider Subscription

  1. Open the NBA Program from your device.
  2. Navigate to Preferences
  3. Below the TV Provider’ tab click In.
  4. Follow the displayed instructions to register as a TV provider.

Subscribe to iTunes for Apple TV only:

  1. Open the NBA Program on your device
  2. Tap ‘Sign in
  3. Select ‘Restore, Buy
  4. Enter credentials
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