Best Apps to Make Video Calls Between Android and iPhone

Best Apps to Make Video Calls Between Android and iPhone
Best Apps to Make Video Calls Between Android and iPhone

You may make calls and send texts using free calling applications, but they don’t compare to seeing your loved ones’ faces electronically. While most iPhone users can immediately connect to a FaceTime video call, Android users cannot. Because there is no FaceTime for Android, you’ll have to look for other programs that allow you to make video conversations with both Android and iPhone users.

In this age of social disconnection, there are a few cross-platform video-chat program that you can use to communicate with family and friends. Many of the FaceTime for Android competitors on our list provide video chat and instant messaging, among other capabilities.

Zoom Meetings in the Cloud (iOS, Android)

Zoom is a popular video conferencing program that may be used for personal or business meetings. The software is simple to use, comes with a generous free account, and is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

There is also a desktop version, which is great for corporate meetings and includes features like as annotations and screen sharing.

You can hold a one-on-one meeting with a friend, a webinar with up to 10,000 people, or establish breakout rooms to hold multiple group meetings at the same time.

The app’s free version is great for one-on-one video chats, but adding three people limits you to a 40-minute call. When you upgrade to the premium edition, the time limit is removed, and you can add more people.

Just remember to password-protect your meetings to prevent Zoom-bombers from filling your video chat with spam or other objectionable stuff.

Skype is a service that allows you to (iOS, Android)

Skype is also great for video chats between Android and iPhone users for both business and personal reasons. It’s also simple to use, with capabilities like as screen sharing, hosting up to 50 users, and recording Skype calls.

The Microsoft-owned software is free to download and use, and it works on a variety of platforms. You may also use Skype to contact landlines and cell phones, send text messages, and share images, videos, your location, and other information.

You may have limitless video chats with one person or a group with a free Skype subscription.

Messenger on Facebook (iOS, Android)

With over two billion users on Facebook, the Messenger app is a convenient way for Android and iPhone users to make video calls. On Android, it’s a great alternative to FaceTime.

The built-in video chat feature allows you to conduct free WiFi calls, apply Snapchat-style effects to your films, doodle on them, and send private, email-like notes to friends.

Messenger is simple to use and allows you to communicate with as many of your contacts and friends as you want. With the Watch Together feature, you can even watch movies and TV shows together.

Messenger, like Skype, allows you to video chat with up to 50 people at once. This is more than the limit of 32 persons that FaceTime allows.

WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows you (iOS, Android)

WhatsApp is popular because it’s simple to sign up with just your phone number, and your friends and family members are likely already using it.

By leveraging Messenger’s Rooms feature, the cross-platform video calling solution enables end-to-end encryption and facilitates video chats with up to 50 participants. You may make phone conversations, send papers, photographs, and audio files, as well as disclose your location.

Google Duo is a pair of Google products (iOS, Android)

Most Android devices include Google Duo as a standard feature.

On a web browser, a PC, or a mobile device, the app is simple to use. You can leave a video message if the person you’re phoning doesn’t pick up, in addition to conversing with up to 32 others in a group video conversation.

Duo is simple, dependable, and provides high-quality video calls so you can spend uninterrupted time with your loved ones. You can also doodle on video chats, capture photos of your video conversations, apply AR effects to your video calls, and make amusing masks in Family Mode.

Before answering the call, you can utilise the Knock Knock feature to turn on your caller’s camera and see who’s calling. This function, however, only works with people who are already in your contact list, although you can turn it off if you don’t like it.

Dissension (iOS, Android)

Discord is a free program designed specifically for gamers to let them socialize and chat online.

Anyone may use the app’s messaging, voice, and video conferencing features to talk or play games with others. You may also use the built-in streaming feature in Go Live to broadcast screen material to a group of up to 25 people.

You can make one-on-one or group video chats using Discord’s online interface, but you can also use the mobile app.

Discord is worth considering if you want greater exclusivity and safe locations to spend out with your loved ones.

Viber is a messaging app that allows you to (iOS, Android)

Viber isn’t as well-known as the other applications on this list, but it’s still a terrific texting software.

The program has a simple UI and solid cross-platform support, and it can be used to make text, audio, and seamless video chats for up to 20 people at once.

Additionally, the Viber Out feature allows you to call or text real phone numbers. If you want to hang out with like-minded people and talk about issues that interest you, there’s a built-in community component.

Viber also provides end-to-end encryption for chats and calls, as well as Secret Chats, which allow you to send self-destructive messages and chat extensions to spice up your talks.

Viber’s primary disadvantage is that it is not as popular as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, so you may not be able to discover all of your contacts there. Furthermore, the design isn’t the most current, and you’ll have to pay to use the Viber Out feature.

Stay Connected, Even When You’re Away

When you can’t meet up with friends or coworkers in person, there are a slew of video calling apps to keep you in touch. However, not all of these programs allow you to communicate with people who use different operating systems.

Any of these seven video calling applications let you video contact someone on an Android phone from an iPhone, whether you want to catch up with your bestie or hold a business meeting with clients.

What is your favorite Android and iPhone video calling app? Do you know of any other FaceTime for Android alternatives? Leave a comment with your ideas.

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