Best Websites to Start an Online Petition

Best Websites to Start an Online Petition
Best Websites to Start an Online Petition

To get governments and institutions to listen to their voices, social and political activists can utilise a variety of techniques, including initiating an internet petition. However, not everyone knows how to start a petition on the internet.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top websites where you may start or join a petition, particularly for causes that are important to you and your community. This article will also go over how to establish an online petition to get more people engaged in your cause.

6 Websites to Start a Petition Online


Through petitions, this website helps to raise awareness about major political and social issues. has expanded into a social enterprise in recent years, allowing users to participate in more activities such as partnering with top nonprofits.

You can give to some of their fundraising pages in addition to signing petitions and leaving comments. The basic membership is completely free. However, if you want to access customizable pages and other premium services, you’ll have to pay a monthly cost of $20.


Care2, a social networking site, features an online petition site that uses a simple online form letter that you can sign and send in a matter of seconds. The website enables activists from all around the world to collaborate and make a difference.

It’s extremely simple to start a petition on the site, and you can even personalize the layout of your petition page. The petition statement is also available for viewing next to the form. The majority of members frequently take part in petitions that appeal to them.

3. iPetitions

This free online petition platform provides you with tools as well as actual space to host your petition and collect signatures. You can also create a community that cares about today’s most pressing topics.

You may use the platform to create a blog for your petition, create questionnaires, design your petition form, and even track the statistics from your petition in real time. Donations and advertising pay the majority of iPetition’s operating costs, allowing users to utilize the platform without investing any money.

4. Causes

Causes is a platform that brings individuals together who want to make the world a better place. You may build important relationships and interact with individuals who share your interests. Your congressman or district representative may be made aware of your concern through the website.

Fundraisers can utilize causes to ask their contacts for money and recruit volunteers to help with a cause. People who participate on the site can also contribute to fundraising efforts by posting Cause profiles on their Facebook accounts.

5. Civist 

WordPress users can utilize this platform to generate online petitions. You must first install a WordPress plugin before you can start a petition. Then sign up for Civist, make a petition, and post it so that people may rally behind you.

Civist also assists you in locating additional possible supporters by storing your contacts in your mailing list management. You may even export their data to a CSV file so that you can process it further. The website can also assist you in raising finances and establishing a strong support network.

6. GoPetition 

GoPetition is one of the most popular platforms for hosting international petitions, with millions of users in over a hundred countries. The website is apolitical and allows free speech from a variety of political and social positions.

The process of creating a petition is quite simple and follows nearly the same procedures as the previous ones. You can also use GoPetition’s features to help you enhance your campaign. Users can also quickly locate causes that are similar to their own.

How to Begin a Petition on the Internet?

  1. Create an account on one of the websites listed above.
  2. Once your account is operational, go to the website of your choice and click on the Start a Petition button or any other comparable part.
  3. Choose a category for your petition, such as the environment, human rights, health, animals, politics, local government, and so on.
  4. Next, create a title for your petition. Make sure it expresses exactly what you aim to accomplish. Select Continue on to the next level.
  5. Then, choose the person who will receive your plea. It does not have to be your own government. You can also address it to a group of people, a community, or a group of organizations that are involved in the problem. Continue is the option.
  6. Next, describe the issue you believe needs to be addressed. Explain who is impacted by the situation, why everyone should be worried, and what measures the individuals or group involved could do to resolve it. You can also highlight the positive consequences or benefits of resolving this issue or problem. Once you’ve completed typing, click Continue.
  7. Then, if you believe it is pertinent to the petition, attach a video or photo. After the file has been uploaded, click Save and Preview on the page.
  8. After you’ve reviewed your petition and double-checked that everything is in order, click Publish.

Your petition will be visible on the internet once you have published it. You may then publish it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others so that people can see it and sign it.

You can also copy the link and paste it into various internet platforms, such as blog pages or chat rooms.

Sign up to Get Involved

Most democracies throughout the world contain the right to petition in their constitutions. There are numerous examples of people’s petitions changing the way the government and some institutions operate.

You can voice your issues and file petitions directly to petition sections of your government, in addition to online petition platforms. The White House, for example, maintains a petition site, and the European Parliament does as well.

Write your thoughts about starting and signing an online petition in the comments section below.

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