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As Discordapp experiences explosive growth, Cloudflare helps to keep down the cost of bandwidth & hardware and high web performance. Discord is an Online Computer Gamers voice and text communication app. The goal of Discord is to become the de-facto standard communication app for PC gamer and they have seen success with 2,4 million users at the same time and more than 25 million registrations as of July 2016

CDN Discordapp Struggle: Preventing on-scale DDoS attacks on Websocket servers Discord over CDN

“Knowing that we don’t have to worry about DDoS attacks against our API and gateway servers gives us the peace of mind to focus on improving our product.” As said by Stanislav Vishnevskiy.

As Discord arranged for rapid growth, they needed a practical method to rapidly scale their current base of equipment, while preserving execution and protection. Astute execution, Discord would need to progress from serving its substance from a solitary homed server to a high-performance complice CDN (Content Conveyance System) that could serve its static resources from around the world. Safety shrewd, Discord intended to protect their traffic based on websockets from the unregulated DDoS assaults they ‘d encountered. As CTO Stanislav Vishnevskiy explained, “Because we are a gamer-centered brand, we draw in a lot of customers who love each other during game matches. As we grew more and more prominently the frequency and events of these DDoS assaults increased to the point that our designers still handled them.” Vishnevskiy continued, “Before Cloudflare, we used a large number of HAProxy boxes. Dissension in this way demanded a mild, effectively flexible approach to avoid these assaults or, as suggested by Vishnevskiy, the consumer experience and preservation of Disagreement would be fundamentally diminished: “Every and every blackout would cause confused customers. While most existing customers were tolerant of the blackouts, new customers who entered inadequately due to awfu during the issues remained.

CDN Discordapp answer to Security Problems

In August 2015, Discord came to Cloudflare similarly when they reached 25,000 simultaneous customers, and Cloudflare offered timely, lasting execution and security benefits. By using Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network ( CDN), Friction successfully expanded the company to its current 2.4 million simultaneous customers (over 9,000 percent growth in just one year). We have 2,4 million simultaneous customers connected to us via Cloudflare, and Cloudflare handles our traffic easily and securely even with bursts of web socket occasions up to 2 million / second. “By using Cloudflare Discord, several thousands of customers are constantly saving on equipment and transmission resources while supplying their customers with a better and increasingly stable and reliable application.

Is CDN Discordapp Bigger than Cloudflare CDN?

With Cloudflare CDN, which uses an IPV6 network, you might be able to deliver 20–40 percent faster with its dual stack network. It can also provide up-to-the-second real-time traffic statistics so it’s better than Github CDN when it comes to updates. You can also quickly uninstall unique content from any location with just one click. It’s also user-friendly especially for developers who will most definitely be upgrading.

This also operates like Stackpath but costs just a quarter of their prices and helps you to speed up the delivery of the content on your site using the power of a global cloud.

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