Entry Level Cyber Security Analyst Resume Sample

Entry Level Cyber Security Analyst Resume Sample
Entry Level Cyber Security Analyst Resume Sample

This is a Cyber Security Resume.

You keep people and information safe by finding vulnerabilities and stopping hackers in their tracks.

First, though–

An internet security resume is essential. It should look innocently like a trojan, but then shock them with its contents.

No worries.

The cyber security resume guide will help you:

  • Examples of information security resumes that are better than 9 out 10 other resumes.
  • How to create a resume for cyber security that gets more interviews
  • Tips for putting your skills and accomplishments on a IT security resume.
  • What is the best way to describe your experience in order to be considered for any job in cyber security?

Which Format is Best for a Cyber Security Resume.

Hiring managers scan every resume and mark the ones they want to review.

In this instance, however —

This 6-second glance is all it takes to get the first time around.

If you fail to make it past the first skimming, your chances of getting hired at this company are ruined.

Select the chronological format.

This format organizes your cyber security resume like a great security policy framework. Security agency staff and hiring managers love this format because it is easy to understand.

How to create a resume for a cyber security analyst:

  • Get started at the top by writing a compelling IT Security resume objective or summary.
  • List past experiences, as well as relevant cyber security duties.
  • Create an education section that includes relevant IT and cybersecurity coursework.
  • Use your cyber criminology and cryptography skills to win their favor.
  • Include security clearances and cyber certificates to make your stand out.

Use the best fonts to make your resume easily legible. Help people navigate through your various sections of the resume by making efficient use white space and headings.

Have you never worked in cyber security?

Your education section should be placed above your work history section.

If you don’t interest HR right away, they’ll close you down like a firewall and quarantine you resume.

How can you capture them?

Create a compelling resume summary, or resume goal.

Have you worked in cyber defense or cyber crime before?

Use a resume summary.

This paragraph highlights your most valuable skills and experience. As a bonus, you can win key wins with numbers.

Two examples of cyber security resume summaries are

Resume Examples: Summary

Consistent, detail-oriented, cyber security analyst with over 3+ years of experience with government security program contractor. Identified and stopped the 2018 Kluxnet virus from destroying more than 30,000 computers.
As an information security analyst, I have become very proficient at identifying bad actors. I set up firewalls, managed access control and quarantine infected machines.

If you use the wrong example, people will not know how successful you are at fulfilling their duties.

The weakest is a 4-digit PIN. The strongest is quantum encryption.


The only time you were exposed to a virus professionally was while visiting a doctor for flu symptoms.

No problem!

A resume objective is used when you don’t have any paid experience in cyber security.

An objective statement in a cyber security entry-level resume is what tells agencies your career goals. Use relevant experience, skills and accomplishments to enhance it.

Two sample resumes for cyber security analysts are available:

Entry Level Cyber Security Resume Examples: Resume Objective

A university IT graduate with cyber security experience and hundreds of hours of classroom time in cloud safety and automation. Looking to use newly-minted top security clearance and 4.0 GPA for Astoria Tech’s next network security engineer.
I just graduated from university so I don’t know much about cyber security.

This is the wrong example, just like the Nigerian Prince scam-

It will be compelling to everyone except your great grandfather.

The right name tells them that even though they’re just starting university, you have the skills and experience to take on any major threats.

In no time, you’ll get interview authorization!

How To Describe Your Cyber Security Experience

The US will see an increase in cyber security professionals and jobs between 2016-2026 by 28%.

There are more than 28,000 people to choose from for you to compete with–

There is a lot of competition.

How do you beat other candidates?

Create a section describing your work experience that highlights the most important aspects of your resume (like an air gap in governmental computer systems).

Two information security resume examples are available:

Resume Description for Cyber Security Job Description – Examples

Cybersecurity Analyst
January 2015-December 2018,
Hackers with Ethics, New York, NYKey Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Monitored network security for breaches and investigated any violations.
  • Prepared reports that documented security breaches and the extent of damage they caused.
  • Performed penetration testing to find vulnerabilities in systems, before they could be exploited.

Key Achievement

  • Found over 350 new viruses in less than 4 years.
Information Security Manager
January 2015-December 2018,
Hackers with Ethics, New York, NYKey Responsibilities

  • Removed viruses.
  • Cleaned malware.
  • Monitored systems.

A computer without antivirus software is like a computer that doesn’t have the right one.

The right cyber security tasks and quantifiable achievements were carefully selected.

What if you’ve never been on a paid Cyber Defense League team?

Don’t worry.

How to list other experiences in a way that is relevant to cyber security jobs.

Entry Level Cyber Security Resume Without Experience

Website Consultant
January 2016-December 2018,
WordPress Workplace, New York, NYKey Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • We considered client concerns in order to decide the best way to defend WordPress sites against attack.
  • Regularly scans sites for malware and security threats.
  • Removed security problems found and Quarantined.

Key Achievement

  • Over 50 websites were successfully secured and monitored with 0 major attacks.

You consulted on a variety of aspects of a client’s website from design to content placement. But, you only listed the relevant responsibilities and accomplishments for an infosec position.

This is how it’s done!

Hiring managers work like identity management systems. If you don’t have permissions to access certain areas, you can’t get passage.

How do I get access to the interview for cyber security?

Your education section must be compelling, no matter if you are writing a resume for an IT security manager or junior-level in cyber cryptography.

How to list your education in an infosec resume:

Resume Examples of Cyber Security Analysts–Education Section

What happens if you are still working towards your degree?

You don’t need to go to high school.

The majority of cyber security jobs require an associate degree or a valid certificate.

Add to your high school transcript if you are applying for a job at a lower level, such as a junior cyber security analyst or cyber security intern.

If you have a college degree, don’t add high school.

If your education is more important than your work history then you should add the education section to your profile.

You’re a master hacker.


All of your competitors have the same cyber security requirements.

Tell the recruiter that you are all MD5 and not SHA-3.

But what cyber security skills do you need?

Make a list of basic cyber security skills .

These are the skills you learn and study (e.g. detecting intrusions or vulnerabilities) and those that you practice throughout your life (e.g. being a great communicator).

Cyber Security Skills to a Resume

Resume Security Skills
CS Hard SkillsCS Soft SkillsCSA Domains
Malware AnalysisCommunication SkillsApp & Interface Security
Risk AnalysisAttention To DetailAudit Assurance & Compliance
Python ScriptingProblem SolvingOperational Resilience & Business Continuity Management
Intrusion DetectionCollaboration & TeamworkChange Control & Configuration
Data AnalyticsTime ManagementData Security & Information Management
ProgrammingCreative ThinkingDatacenter Security
Cloud SecurityAccountabilityEncryption & Key Mgmt
EncryptionInterpersonal SkillsGovernance & Risk Mgmt
Automation/DevopsWorks Well Under PressureAccess Mgmt Identity and Access Management
Security AnalysisCritical ThoughtInfrastructure & Virtualization
Risk MitigationDecision MakingInteroperability & Portability
Reverse EngineeringTechnical SkillsMobile Security
Secure Software DevelopmentDiagnostic and Analytic SkillsSecurity Incident Mgmt, E-Discovery & Cloud Forensics
Incident ResponseManagement SkillsSupply Chain Mgmt, Transparency & Accountability
SIEM ToolsComputer SkillsThreat & Vulnerability Mgmt

However, adding these skills to your resume is like sending credit card details over unencrypted channels–

A poor idea.

You can instead use the job ad as a guide to determine which skills are most valuable to you.

This is an example of a job description in cyber security:

According to the job description, there is a right and a wrong way of listing your IT skills.

Information Security Analyst – Skills Section

  • Useful for technical evaluation and penetration testing [1]
  • Expert in the development of security controls [2]
  • Passionate about personal growth, security and improvement [3]
  • Data encryption.
  • Malware detection.
  • Virus deletion.

Using your birthday to create a password is a bad idea.

Weak sauce.

A good example will copy their needs in a way that is similar to a keylogger. It has been customized to exactly what they are looking for.

Last, but not least Don’t forget the ATS

Larger businesses receive many (or more) applications each day. A applicant tracking system helps them to manage them.

A HR manager scans the resumes and gives the keywords for the program.

Only the best-matched applicants are whitelisted to be considered for the job.

To show that you have what it takes to secure this job in cyber security, you can hack the hiring managers.

However, this might not work so well.

Instead of being a candidate pool, stand out by adding additional sections to your resume.

These are the top suggestions for a IT security resume:

Sample Cyber Security Resume: Additional Sections

1. Clearances

The most difficult cyber security positions such as government contractor positions require a security clearance.

2. Certifications

Certifications are often more important than 4-year degrees for cyber security professionals.

These are great internet security certificates that you can add to your resume.

  • Certified Ethical Hacker ( CEH)
  • Certified Information Security Manager
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst ( CySA+ )
  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner ( CASP+).
  • CompTIA Penetration Tester (PenTest+)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • SANS GIAC Security Essentials
  • Offensive Security Certified Professionals ( OSCP).

3. Volunteer Work

Helped out at a local adult care facility with ransomware attacks? This is a great way to add experience to your cybersecurity portfolio.

Skip any information that isn’t relevant to cryptovirology or internet security.

Did your online gigs pay you? You can also add those to a separate section!

4. Languages

IT companies worldwide are global. Add a second language to you resume.

Great guides to help you choose the right sections for your resume, and what categories and sections to use.

A cover letter without a resume is the equivalent of an asymmetric private key without the corresponding public key.


A cover letter must be attached because more employers than say that a resume is not enough.

How to create cyber security cover letters that they will love:

  • Begin your cover letter for an IT security officer with a strong opening statement.
  • Explain to them why you are the best candidate to address their cyber problems in the future.
  • Describe why you think this company and job are the best for you.
  • Close it by a call to action as simple but as powerful as a brute force attack.

Key Takeaway

Now you have a resume for cyber security that is malware-free and runs like an angel.

Let’s summarize it all.

How to create a resume for cyber security:

  • Use the reverse-chronological resume format to make it easy to read and follow.
  • Begin with a summary of your resume or objective that will allow them to continue.
  • List your job experience, including relevant duties and notable accomplishments.
  • Add a section that teaches cyber security.
  • Use job posting keywords to include IT and security skills.
  • Increase your chances of success with additional sections like certifications and clearances.
  • Before you send off your resume, attach a cover letter for cyber security.

This resume launches a denial-of-service attack against your competitors!

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.