Funny Confused Memes

Funny Confused Memes
Funny Confused Memes

Are you looking for the most amusing confused memes? Here are some of the funniest confused memes you may use for replies and other purposes.

It’s an art to have the correct meme for any situation, especially when it comes to reactions. And bewildered memes are among the most popular reply memes on the internet. These allow you to humorously express perplexity or emphasize perplexing situations.

Let’s take a look at some of the best confused memes currently available on the internet. Keep these in mind and you’ll always be prepared with the appropriate response.

Memes of Perplexity Explained

If you’re not familiar with memes, have a look at our introduction to memes first.

Confusion memes cover a wide range of topics, but they ultimately revolve around laughing at misunderstandings and errors. A confused meme is a wonderful method to show out that something is contradictory, paradoxical, or just plain ridiculous.

This collection will primarily focus on reaction photos. This style of perplexed meme is frequently used in reaction to a nonsensical comment.

They include someone (often a famous person, but not always) looking perplexed about something, just like a lot other memes. They may, but may not usually, incorporate text. They’re common in Twitter answers and other social media comments.

These aren’t the only types of confused memes, though. Confusion memes can also be general image macros, which are images with overlay text. We’ve also added a few of these.

Many of these memes are fresh, but a few are old favorites. We’ll undoubtedly see more bewilderment memes emerge as time goes on.

1. Perplexed Nick Young is a well-known figure

Let’s begin with one of the most well-known confusion memes. Nick Young, Confused is a reaction graphic based on an NBA player of the same name. It comes from a show called Thru The Lens, which followed a basketball player for a day.

The image of Nick with a puzzled expression and question marks surrounding it was taken directly from the program for the meme. You can use the original image as is, or edit it to add text or change Nick’s appearance.

It’s a snappy way to describe befuddlement, and it’s become one of the year’s most popular memes.

2. Travolta, perplexed

Here’s a video meme for you if you’re into them. A cutout of John Travolta’s character Vincent Vega from the film Pulp Fiction appears in this bewildered man meme. Travolta’s character in the original clip glances around the room while listening to someone speak to him via an intercom.

This scene from the film rapidly became a meme because he appears to be lost. It uses captions to place Travolta’s clip in various settings where confusion is acceptable. It’s a good one, and with some editing skills, it’s eternally exploitable.

3. Lady of Mathematics

This perplexed face meme includes Renata Sorrah, a Brazilian actress, in a scene from the drama Senhora do Destino. Her character is well-liked by viewers, and bits from the show have become memes.

Four screenshots from the original GIF of Sorrah appearing perplexed appear in the modern version of this meme. Each photo has arithmetic equations placed on top, with a caption that usually refers to needing to make some sort of mental calculation due to misunderstanding.

This is a hilarious way of expressing that you’re frantically crunching numbers in your thoughts.

4. Wat

“Wat” is a deliberate misspelling of the word “what.” It’s most commonly used to show surprise or disbelief at a narrative or visual. You can use “wat” on its alone, but it’s most commonly used in conjunction with an image.

A shocked old woman is one of the most popular image macros including “wat.” This is a good example, but you may use “wat” to describe anything that causes you to be perplexed.

5. Confused Girl

This bewildered face meme is just a simple image of a female with an incredulous expression on her face; it doesn’t include anyone notable. It goes great with subtitles that cause you to get that look on your face.

Surprisingly, there was once a rumor circulating online that the subject of this photo attempted to sue Instagram because the photograph had gone viral so widely. This, however, turned out to be a ruse.

Although the meme isn’t as well-known as it once was, it still provides a wonderful face for your most perplexing situations.

You’ll Love These Confused Memes

We’ve gone over a number of terrific puzzled memes. Whether you want to chuckle at different versions of these memes or utilize them for online reactions, they’re a lot of fun.

Do you think you can come up with a better idea? For producing your own memes, have a look at the greatest meme generators.

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