How Bingo Capitalized on the Socially-Driven Internet to Make a Comeback?

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Perhaps the main concept that made bingo stand out among its peers was the fact that it was so sociable. Meeting in bingo halls with friends and family to play out an easy-to-grasp game became a tradition for millions of people but over time, alongside the rise of the internet as an increasingly dominant force, bingo faded somewhat.

However, the internet is now a primary platform for communications and for being sociable, with social media rising to become a gargantuan sector online. So, the traditionally sociable game of numbered balls has seen a chance to make its comeback; maybe even to become bigger and better than before. But how does social media adoption open the door to bingo?

Online is the go-to place for being sociable

social media

Social media has swept across just about every nation with an established internet infrastructure where connected devices are easily accessed. In the most recent data, it was found that there are 3.8 billion active social media users in the world, bringing social media’s total penetration among all internet users to 49 percent. It marks an annual growth of 9.2 percent, with 99 percent of users accessing social media via the convenient technology of mobiles, at some point.

In the United States, social media is particularly prevalent. It’s easily one of the most popular online activities across the nation, with 79 percent of the population having a social media profile on at least one of the leading platforms. With apps and websites like Instagram widely used for displaying photos and Facebook used for sharing information, all facets of communications and content sharing are covered across the board of social media platforms.

With the vast majority of social media platforms being free, many people are utilizing them as their go-to way to socialize with friends and family, as well as advertise themselves to the rest of the world. This habit, which consumes a daily average of 1 hour and 22 minutes per user, allows people to automatically associate socializing and fun with going online – mostly via the convenience of a smartphone. This is the ‘in’ that bingo has seen as its opportunity at mounting a comeback.

Utilizing the inherent connectivity


With so many people using the internet to chat and share content, bingo found a way back by emphasizing the social side of the game. When bingo was mainstream, it was described as being the most socially welcomed and socially welcoming form of gambling. Now that the entertainment medium has moved to the online space, it has sought to capitalize on its traditional persona and peoples’ present preferences.

When people try a bingo game online, they’re met by a diverse array of ongoing games in which there’s an active and friendly chat. The online version of the game is just as sociable as the hall-based version, with many players ending up making the game time a social event. The chat also helps to get newcomers involved, introducing them to the gameplay as well as helping with some of the terminology – the ‘bingo lingo’.

Bingo went out of fashion for a while but, by embracing the modern trends of the internet, the traditional game has enhanced its appeal once again. Today, online bingo is both convenient and sociable, making it a viable entertainment option for the modern audience.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.