How To Send a PDF File To a Kindle?

How To Send a PDF File To a Kindle
How To Send a PDF File To a Kindle

The Amazon Kindle makes purchasing and downloading books from the Kindle Store a breeze. You can even skip the buying process if you use Kindle Unlimited. You may start reading a book in a matter of seconds. But did you realize that the Kindle can do so much more?

For example, you can use email to send various types of documents (including PDF files) that can be read on your Amazon Kindle wirelessly. There are two options for doing this: wired or wireless. The following steps will show you how to send a PDF file to a Kindle.

What To Do If You Can’t Find Your Amazon Kindle Email?

  1. Finding the unique email address connected with your Amazon Kindle is the first step in sending a PDF to it. Each Amazon Kindle has a unique email address that you can change.
  2. Navigate to the Preferences tab on Amazon’s Manage Your Content and Devices website.
  3. Select Personal Document Settings from the drop-down menu.
  4. This section is about to get a lot bigger. The Send-To-Kindle Email Settings option may be found here.
  5. This will provide a list of all the devices currently linked to your Amazon Kindle account. This could be an Amazon Kindle device or a smartphone with the Amazon Kindle software installed. Every device has its own email address.
  6. Take note of the email address on your Amazon Kindle device. If you want, you can edit the address by clicking the Edit option.
  7. Change the address to something identifiable in the text field, then click the Save button.
  8. Your Amazon Kindle’s email address is now known to you.

What Is The Process For Adding An Email To The Approved Senders List?

Amazon Kindle will only accept documents from pre-approved email addresses for privacy and security reasons. To send a PDF to Kindle, you must first add your email address to the list of pre-approved senders.

Scroll down to the Approved Personal Document E-mail List area on the same Personal Document Settings page.
To do so, go to the Add a New Approved E-mail Address section and click the Add a New Approved E-mail Address option.

Select the Add Address button after typing your email address in the text area.

To add multiple email addresses to the approved senders list, repeat the process.

How to Email a PDF Document to a Kindle?

Now that you’ve completed the setup, it’s time to transmit the PDF to your Kindle via email.

  1. To do so, open your preferred email client. Simply browse to the Gmail website or use the Gmail app on your smartphone if you’re a Gmail user.
  2. Then, in the To field, type in the unique Amazon Kindle email address.
  3. Then, under the Attachment field, upload the PDF you’d like to send (you can also just drag and drop the PDF in the Compose window).
  4. There’s nothing else you need to do. There’s no need for a subject or a body.
  5. Simply press the Send button once the attachment has been inserted.
  6. If your Kindle is connected to the internet, it will automatically sync in a few minutes and download the PDF.
  7. You can speed up this process if you’re impatient. Tap the Settings button on the Kindle’s home screen.
  8. Select the Sync My Kindle option from the drop-down menu. This will force your Kindle to sync and download any things that have been waiting to be downloaded.
  9. The PDF will be downloaded to your Kindle in a matter of seconds.

You can open it and begin reading the PDF after it has been downloaded.

Calibre: How to Send a PDF File to Kindle

While sending an email to your Kindle is the most convenient method, it isn’t the only one. If your Kindle doesn’t have an active Wi-Fi connection, you can transfer PDFs to it using the Calibre ebook management program.

  1. Calibre is a free program that you may download and install. To establish a local library, follow the app’s setup instructions.
  2. Then, to import your PDF, drag it into the Calibre software.
  3. Now, using a Micro USB data cable, connect your Kindle to your computer. Calibre will add your Kindle to the app in a matter of seconds.
  4. Now, right-click the PDF file you just added (you may also choose several PDF files here) and select Send to Device > Send to Main Memory from the drop-down menu.
  5. Your PDF, including with the cover and information, will be uploaded to your Kindle in a matter of seconds.
  6. Choose the Eject This Device option by clicking the arrow adjacent to the Device button (which is your Kindle device).
  7. Disconnect your Kindle from your computer once it has been safely ejected. The freshly transferred PDF can be found at the top of the Library section on the home screen.
  8. How to Use the Send To Kindle App to Send a PDF File to a Kindle

If you’re going to be sending PDFs to your Kindle on a frequent basis, the standalone Send to Kindle program for Windows and macOS might be worth a look (which is not the same as the Kindle Desktop app for reading). Using drag and drop, you may easily send a PDF (or other document) to your Kindle.

  1. From Amazon’s website, download the Send to Kindle app.
  2. Sign in with your Amazon account once the installation is complete.
  3. You may now either drag and drop a PDF onto the app icon or start the app and drag a PDF into the app window.
  4. After you’ve added the PDF, choose which Kindle device you wish to send it to. After that, press the Send button.
  5. The program will transmit the PDF file to your Kindle in a matter of seconds. The program will immediately shut the window after the operation is completed.

When you first turn on your Kindle, the PDF will appear at the top of your home screen.

Were you able to use the Send to Kindle feature? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Have you been bitten by the writing bug? Here’s how to make a Kindle book on a shoestring budget.

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