How to Turn Off an iPhone 12?

How to Turn Off an iPhone 12
How to Turn Off an iPhone 12

Turning off your new iPhone 12 is simple with this quick and straightforward guide.

Turning off your iPhone is a simple process, but the process is not the same for all device models. In addition, due to the evolution of the iPhone’s design over time, the buttons that must be pressed to turn it off have evolved.

If you came from an iPhone with a physical Home button, you’d quickly discover that pressing the Power button activates Siri rather than bringing up the shut-down screen.

You can point the finger at Apple for this, but we’ll show you how to turn off your new iPhone 12 using the most current method available.

  1. To turn off an iPhone 12, press and hold the Volume Down button.
  2. Apple needed to incorporate Siri functionality into the Power or Side buttons on the iPhone 12 and other iPhone models equipped with Face ID because there is no Home button.

The good news is that you can still access the shut-down screen by pressing the Power button, though you’ll have to press another button in addition to the Power button this time.

To turn off your iPhone 12, follow these simple instructions:

  1. To bring up the shut-down menu, press and hold the Side button while also pressing and holding any of the Volume buttons simultaneously.
  2. Now, drag the power slider to the right, and your iPhone 12 will be turned off in seconds.
  3. Were you surprised at how simple it was? Since the introduction of the iPhone X, this has been the most up-to-date method of turning off iPhones.

It’s unlikely that this method will be helpful if you’re attempting to power off a frozen or unresponsive iPhone 12. You can, however, force your iPhone to restart rather than wait for the battery to drain completely. Then, if the problem persists, you can boot your iPhone into Recovery Mode and restore it using a computer.

There are a variety of ways to turn off your iPhone 12

This is not the only method of turning off your iPhone 12 that is worth mentioning. For example, suppose the physical buttons on your iPhone are damaged, and you want to shut it down; you can do so from within the iOS settings menu. When your iPhone isn’t responding, using the force restart technique is a great way to get it back up and running again quickly.

No matter what iPhone you purchase, you shouldn’t have any trouble shutting down the device.

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