Is Netflix’s Premium Plan Worth It?

Is Netflix's Premium Plan Worth It
Is Netflix's Premium Plan Worth It

The Netflix Premium plan, which offers four simultaneous streams and 4K content, is the most expensive. This is how you decide if it’s worth your money.

There are three options for Netflix: Premium, Standard, or Basic. It can be confusing when you compare it to other streaming services such as Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, which offer everything in one membership.

Netflix Premium plans offer 4K content, as well as the ability to view on up to four screens simultaneously. It also comes at a higher cost. We will discuss the pros and cons of this product, as well as some factors to consider before you spend your hard earned money.

What is Netflix Premium?

There are three different Netflix plans. When you sign up for your first account, you will choose one. However, you can modify your current Netflix streaming plan.

These are the differences between plans:

Monthly cost$9.99$15.49$19.99
Multiple screens you can simultaneously view124
Stream quality (wherever possible)SDHD4K

All Netflix content is available on all plans. Premium however, offers 4K.

When evaluating the premium plan’s value, you must consider three things: stream quality, cost, and simultaneous watching. Let’s talk about some questions that you should ask to determine if the Premium plan is worth your time.

What number of people use your Netflix account?

No matter what plan you are on, every Netflix account can have up five profiles. Every user of the Netflix account can have their own area with personalized recommendations and watch lists, accessibility settings, etc.

This means that your partner can enjoy true-crime documentaries with no restrictions on their profile. It won’t affect your recommendations or flood your “Continue Watching” feed.

Technically, you can allow more than five people to use your Netflix account, provided they have the login details. However, they cannot all have their own profile.

This does not apply to how many Netflix devices you can stream at once. This is dependent on your plan. The Basic plan allows you to stream only one device at a given time. This means that even though they have selected their profile, you can only stream Netflix on one device.

You can now use up to four devices simultaneously with the Premium plan. You can also save Netflix content to your computer for offline viewing from the same number of devices. This is essential if you have multiple Netflix accounts or live in a hectic household. If you are single or married, however, the Basic or Standard plans will provide you with one or two screens simultaneously.

Are You Willing to Watch 4K Movies and TV Shows?

Netflix offers a wide range of 4K content that streams at 3840×2160 pixels. This means that the picture has more data, so it looks sharper and more detailed on larger screens.

Netflix has some content that supports Dolby Vision or HDR10. These enhancements provide better picture quality and color. Dolby Atmos is available for select movies and shows. It provides 3D surround sound effects.

Netflix does not offer all of its content in 4K. It will vary by region. However, it is approximately 1,500 titles. This is plenty to entertain you, but it doesn’t mean that all movies and shows are available in 4K.

Although it is common for modern movies, shows and Netflix Originals to stream in 4K, it is not always guaranteed. You can check this by searching Netflix for “4K”. You can also look for the 4K/UltraHD badge when you expand the information of a show or movie. This badge will not be visible if you are on the Basic or Standard plan or on a device that’s not 4K-compatible (more below).

To determine if the Premium plan is worth it, think about the content you are looking for on Netflix. These will not stream in 4K if you are only interested in classic movies and sitcoms. You can watch many of the blockbuster movies and Netflix original content in 4K.

Are You Using a 4K Smartphone?

Your screen must support 4K. If it doesn’t, you won’t be able stream any Netflix content in 4K. To see if your TV or monitor supports 4K, consult the manufacturer’s manual.

There are many great 4K streaming devices. However, your TV must support HDMI 2.0 or HDCP 2.2 in order to use these devices in 4K.

Edge or Windows 10 must be used on a Windows computer. Safari 11 or higher must be used on Mac computers.

Your screen size and quality will affect how 4K content on Netflix looks. You won’t get the full benefits if your TV or monitor panel are cheap. A larger TV, such as a 55-inch or 65 inch TV, will display 4K at a higher resolution than a TV of the same size.

You might be able to use the upscaling feature on your TV that allows you to view 4K content.

The Premium tier is not necessary if you watch Netflix only on your smartphone, tablet or small screen. The difference will not be noticeable.

Is your internet strong enough to support 4K?

Netflix recommends that you have a stable internet connection of at least 25Mbps to stream 4K content. Simply put, 4K content is more data-intensive than SD/HD and requires a faster internet connection. is the best place to test your connection speed. This speed test is run by Netflix. It literally tests your download speed against its servers. It should give you an idea of what speeds you can expect to stream Netflix movies and shows.

You won’t be able to reach 25Mbps consistently. 4K content will either buffer constantly or stream at a low resolution. At that point, you don’t need a Premium membership.

SD content requires a minimum of 1Mbps connection. HD content requires 5Mbps. If your connection isn’t up to par, you can consider the Basic or Standard plans.

Do You Need to Subscribe to Netflix’s Premium Plan

All of these benefits come at a high price: $19.99/month. You can choose whether 4K content and simultaneous streaming on four devices is worth the cost. Disney+ is $7.99/month; Amazon Prime Video is $12.99/month; Apple TV+ is $4.99/month. Netflix’s prices seem high because all of these streams are in 4K.

If you are looking for Netflix movies or shows, and have multiple friends or family members using the same account, the Premium account is recommended. Make sure your internet connection is fast and compatible with 4K.

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