Most Pointless Websites to Kill Time and Have Fun

Most Pointless Websites to Kill Time and Have Fun
Most Pointless Websites to Kill Time and Have Fun

Whether you work from home or in an office, there will come a point when you become bored and need to locate internet entertainment. People usually resort to social media or YouTube at this point. The disadvantage is that you’ll quickly become engrossed in the content on these sites, and before you realise it, you’ll be late for a meeting.

A better alternative is to take a quick look at one of the many useless websites available online. Here are some of the most worthless websites we’ve come across to pass the time and have some fun on the internet.

The Best Useless Websites to Pass the Time While Staring at Your Screen

Sometimes all you need to do is look at your computer screen aimlessly. When you’re seeking for the most basic sort of amusement, the following websites are ideal.

1. Watching Grass Grow

This is an oldie but a goodie. Watching Grass Grow has been online since 2002 and continues to attract regular visitors. The website fulfils its promise: you can see the grass grow on the website’s owner’s lawn. It’s a live webcam feed, so if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the guy mow the lawn by himself or with his family.

2. Cat Bounce 

Try watching kittens bounce all over your screen instead if you don’t have the patience to appreciate the genuine worth of watching growing grass. Cat Bounce is exactly what it says on the tin: a website where you can watch cats bounce about. When you choose Make it rain, a swarm of cats will descend from the top of your screen. This is a great link to share to a buddy who is down.

3. MapCrunch

MapCrunch is ideal for anyone who misses travelling but doesn’t want to leave the house to do it. Follow the link to use Google Maps Street View to explore a random street anywhere in the world.

4. Plasma Globe

As a kid, do you recall playing with a touch-sensitive plasma globe at a scientific museum? This website is a digital representation of that. You can move the colour across the globe using the cursor, or you can do nothing and watch the colours change on their own.

The Best Useless Websites for Playing Online Games

When you need a break, one of the finest methods to occupy yourself and let off steam is to play games. Playing meaningless games with your friends or coworkers can be much more enjoyable than playing them alone. Here are some of the best absolutely useless games you may play while doing other things on the internet.

5. Find the Invisible Cow

The goal of the game (assuming there is one) is to locate the invisible cow amid the various sounds you hear as you move your cursor around the screen. To play this game, you’ll need your audio turned on, so make sure you’re not bothering anyone or put on noise-cancelling headphones first.

6. BoredButton

Use the BoredButton whenever you’re bored and need to take your mind off of anything. If you push the button, you’ll be taken to a random meme, quiz, game, or entertaining article. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, keep pressing the button. The alternatives are unlimited in this situation.

7. Pointer Pointer

Move your cursor anywhere on your screen after opening the page. The site will find a snapshot of someone pointing exactly where your cursor is in a matter of seconds. There’s no way of knowing how many distinct photographs of various “points” there are, but some of them will undoubtedly make you grin or even laugh.

Share the Best Links with Your Friends and Colleagues

While any of those links can be shared with friends or coworkers, several of these websites were designed to be shared.

8. Long Doge Challenge

You probably know someone who like Doge if you’re human and use the internet. Now you may tell them about the incredible experience of the Long Doge Challenge.

Follow the link to see a lovely visual with an unending supply of Doge. Don’t trust me when I say it’s endless? See how many wows you can get by scrolling down. You can even make it into a competition with another Doge fan and print out the results.

Other Ways to Pass the Time on the Internet

These websites are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the number of pointless websites on the internet. There are plenty of alternative ways to pass the time on the internet, such as playing free browser games or a virtual version of scrabble with friends.

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