Opera GX Gaming Browser Review

Opera GX Gaming Browser Review
Opera GX Gaming Browser Review

At first sight, the Opera GX Gaming Browser may appear weird. Do gamers, after all, require a dedicated browser? The response is a resounding yes after spending some time with it.

The Opera GX Gaming Browser consumes a fraction of the resources of regular browsers, allowing the games to take precedence over the browser.

The Opera GX Gaming Browser is jam-packed with useful features. It enables for complete customization of resource utilization and look, as well as personalization and other features. While it has a “gaming” look, its practicality compensates for several poor design decisions.

Setup is simple and user-friendly

When you first start Opera GX, you’ll be guided through a series of five steps to set up the browser. The eye is drawn to the vibrant colors immediately away. This could be a gain or a disadvantage depending on your preferences. After all, the gaming aesthetic isn’t for everyone.

There are 12 distinct browser themes to pick from, as well as dozens of wallpapers. Opera GX comes with a large number of various wallpapers to choose from when you first install it, but you may also upload and add your own after that. There are even motion choices for the tiles. After that, it’s only a matter of switching toggles and selecting additional choices to complete the configuration.

You may choose sound effects to accompany your typing in Opera, which is a cool feature. It gives customers two types of typing noises to choose from. It also has five different background music options that play when the browser is open. The major feature, though, is that the background music changes as you browse.

You can also select to have Twitch appear in your browser’s sidebar. You can stay connected at all times this way. You’ll be able to see who’s online and what streams are now playing, as well as keep track of your notifications.

All of your favorite chat programs are there at your fingertips. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and a few other apps are included by default in Opera GX; simply select them during setup.

The final step in the setup process is to decide whether or not to engage GX Control, which restricts the amount of RAM, CPU resources, and even network bandwidth available to the browser. You may also use GX Cleaner to boost browser performance by removing unneeded files.

The built-in ad blocker and VPN are very impressive. During the setup process, the adblocker can be turned on, but the VPN is concealed in the options menu. You have the option of using the VPN all of the time or bypassing it when using default search engines. However, Opera GX warns you that it may have an influence on your performance.

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Despite all of Opera GX’s initial strengths, the browser’s greatest strength is its sheer number of functions. When you create a new tab after the first setup, the Speed Dial home page shows.

Twitch, Discord, Reddit, YouTube, and Changelog are all listed on the Speed Dial page by default. You can also add a website to this list with ease. There are also quick links to Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, GOG, Steam, and Epic Games on the sidebar.

In the top-left corner of Opera GX, you can see the current weather conditions in your location. There is, however, another emblem that resembles a controller. Selecting this icon brings up GX Corner, which may be the best feature of the entire browser.

GX Corner is what properly distinguishes this browser as a “gaming” browser. It compiles all gaming-related data into a one location. A banner at the top of the screen advertises big forthcoming gaming events.

A release schedule makes it simple to see future games at a glance, and the header below lists any titles that are currently free on various platforms. To discover more about any of these games, click on their name to go to their website. You can filter the results by selecting whether you want to see titles that are only available in the Windows, VR, PlayStation, or Xbox shops.

The “New, upcoming, and fascinating” header is similar in that it displays upcoming game cover art along with small icons that represent the platform on which they will be released. Further down, there’s a deals aggregator that highlights the greatest game discounts right now, as well as a section for new game trailers.

Finally, there is a section where daily news stories are displayed. These stories can be sorted into three categories: entertainment, technology, and games. Games is the default filter in Opera GX, which is appropriate.

GX Control, GX Cleaner, Twitch, a list of media players, as well as your history, extensions, and settings are all easily accessible from the left sidebar. GX Control is a feature that helps you to restrict the browser’s resource utilization.

You have the option of limiting network bandwidth, RAM use, and CPU usage. Don’t worry; if you choose a too low setting, a notice will appear to inform you of the browser’s influence.

These tools, on the other hand, are handy if you’re playing a game that requires virtually all of your system’s resources (especially poorly optimized games like Microsoft Flight Simulator or Age of Empires III), and can help you squeeze out a few more percentage points of performance.

GX Cleaner is similar to CCleaner for your browser. You may use it to clean your cache, cookies, downloads, browsing history, and other things. It’s a simple method to keep track of your digital clutter. Twitch is self-explanatory; if you enabled it during setup, you’ll be able to quickly check in on your favorite streams and channels.

The list of players is the final aspect that stands out. Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music may all be set up. There’s no need to launch another application on your system if you want to listen to music as you browse. From Opera GX, you can listen to all of your favorite songs.

Is it Worth Trying Opera GX?

Opera GX is one of the most popular browsers in recent years. It swiftly replaced my ten-year commitment to Chrome as my default browser. Opera GX’s level of customization is astounding, with options that go far beyond those listed in this review.

It’s a gaming browser with quick access to gaming news and information, thus it’s not the greatest choice for average people. The resource limiters, built-in adblock and VPN, and other privacy features, not just for gamers, make it beneficial for everyone who spends any amount of time online.

Check out Opera GX if Firefox, Chrome, and Safari aren’t cutting it anymore. It’s free to download from Opera’s website and appears to have the potential to make a significant difference in the browser battles. Oh, and there’s a smartphone version of the game as well.

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