Russian FSB Intel Agency Contractor Hacked, Exposed Secret Projects

Exposed Secret Projects

Moreover BBC Russia reports that hackers stole 7.5 TB of data from the network of the contractor. This data includes data on numerous non-public projects developed by Sytech on behalf of the government of Russia and its intelligence agency.

0v1ru$ has posted images on Sytech’s internet pages, and on its Windows domain controller of server drives and users, to demonstrate that they have access to Sytech’s servers.

This data was then transferred to a new hacking group, DigitalRevolution, which communicated the data with Russian media.  The Russian research institute Kvant was hacked in 2018 by the Digital Revolution.

The stolen data from BBC Russia describes a range of Sytech projects. These included: Mentor was supposed to be the Russian Military Unit No. 71330. The radio intelligence of the Russian FSB reportedly was developed. In order to collect information about certain sentences, this project would monitor selected e-mail accounts at specified intervals.

Nadezhda is a project aimed at seeing how Russia connects to the rest of the Internet. The project is called Hope. This research is part of Russia’s efforts to build a “sovereign internet” where the rest of the Internet can be isolated.

Nauttilus is an information collection project on social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace, developed between 2009 and 2010.

Nautilus-S investigates the de-anonymization of users within the Tor Network by creating exit nodes which the Russian government controls. This project was supposed to have begun on demand from the Russian Kvant Research Institute.

Rewards were designed to penetrate peer-to-peer networks and carry out covert operations. This includes BitTorrent, Jabber, OpenFT and ED2 KTax-3, which was the most recent project and commissioned to report to the Federal Tax Service at the “Chief Scientific Innovation Center JSC.”  This project would enable information about people under state protection to be manually deleted from the Federal Tax Service.

Since then the Sytech web site ( has been stopped and BBC requests have not been answered.

Although this data violation is not nearly as important as NSA’s Vault 7 Wikileaks leak, the BBC has stated that this is Russia’s largest special services data leak in history.

Mark Funk
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