Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked 66, 99, 88 & 76


About Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked 66, 99, 88 & 76

Super smash flash 2, also known as ssf2, is one of the world’s largest flash games, produced continuously by the Super Smash Flash 2 User Group for many years-where young game developers from around the world are assembling the world. This game was developed by Cleod9 Productions ‘ Gregory Cleod9 McLeod and published in 2007 by McLeodGaming. Super smash flash 2 is a very popular game rebuild-flash game super smash. It is also based on the games of Super Smash Bros and Super Smash Bros.

Super smash flash 2 Unblocked 66, 99, 88 & 76 is a great fighting game with lots of great classic game characters and world-famous animated movies including Mario, Vegeta, Naruto, Sonic, Dongkey Kong, Mega Man, Bomber Man, Ichigo, Pikachu,… In the beta version of Super Smash Flash 2, this game provides you with 25 players, 44 maps to battle, and 2 game modes to practice and enjoy time and stock mode.

Every player receives points in the time limit when they KO an opponent and losses a point when the game is KO’d or self-destructed. The team that gets the highest points scores at the completion of the time limit. When two or more players reach the same result, the winner will be decided by a sudden-death contest.

That player is given a set number of lives in stock mode and they sacrifice a life that time they become KO or self-destruct. They are “defeated” when a player loses all their lives. The game ends when there’s just one person or a winning team.

The game will provide you with detailed information at the end of each round, such as how many KO you treated your enemies, the amount of damage caused and got, the number of times you fell off the level… You can also configure a lot of things before the game, such as time limits, sizes, damage levels, object thresholds, beginning damage, objects that may appear in the game. However, super smash flash often helps you to save your PC files so that you can go back at any time without having to start over by picking the same file you downloaded.

Super smash flash 2 test (ssf2 beta)

Super smash flash 2 beta update 2 on google sites. This is the last full-featured product update prior to the full game. Super Smash Flash 2 Beta 1.0 (ssf2 beta) is Super Smash Flash 2 Demo’s biggest demo edition. On May 29, 2017, it was released. There are many new updates in this beta version, including there is the option to download immediately, allowing players to upgrade the game without having to restart the game from the website of McleodGaming.

There are lots of new characters like Bandana Dee, Bowser, Falco, Isaac, Luffy, Luigi, Mr. Game & Watch, PAC-MAN, and Sandbag (unlockable character),… 17 new stages, 17 new items, and 5 new modes are available.

In comparison, super smash flash 2 beta has some changes to previous versions: enhanced output when using the setting of “Disabled stage effects;” Fixed problems with incompatible Bluetooth devices; Desk stage is now accessible without loading,… The upgrade of super smash flash 2 beta has rendered this game more beautiful, better suited to users ‘ needs, and richer and more exciting game content.

Super smash flash 2 characters In super smash 2 flashes there are 35 heroes, each hero is a fighter reflecting the world to which they belong. We have different attacks for each hero, normal attacks, and a special attack named Final Smash.

There are 2 styles of characters in super smash flash 2, beginning characters and completing characters. Starter characters are roles you can choose from in the title. Unlockable characters are not usable items, you need to activate them to use these characters.

Starter characters



 Mario MarioHe’s one of super smash flash 2’s first 4 characters. In super smash flash 2 class ranking, Mario placed 13th in the B category. He has attacks that are fast and low-lag. He has the ability to recover above average and in all attacks, he is able to finish strongly. His zoning game isn’t perfect, however, because his projectile is small, sluggish, and simple to mirror.





 Luigi MarioLuigi is Mario’s main hero as well as a twin younger brother. In the super smash flash 2 class ranking, he is currently ranked 38 on the D scale. Luigi has excellent frame info, which in the new prototype is one of the best combo games. Luigi has a potent array of KO choices in his arsenal, including forwarding smash, up smash, forward aerial, down aerial, back aerial. He also has a fast and strong aerial one of today’s demo’s best aerial titles. Luigi’s vulnerability, though, is that he has no great options for an approach. His agility is one of the game’s weakest overalls and loses variety as well. Which makes it difficult for the disjointed protagonists to tackle.


Princess Peach



Princess PeachMarioPeach in super smash flash 2 is also a starting hero. In the super smash flash 2 class ranking, she is rated 20th in the B category. She has one of the game’s best weapons-the turnips. Such turnips are of high priority and are capable of enduring until the bullets touch the ground or throw off the floor. Yet Peach was struck quite quickly because of her big body. She’s lightweight and very smooth, so she can be KO horizontally and vertically very quickly. Her land agility is very low so she has to tackle her enemy from the air-this limits her ability to attack her opponent.





BowserMarioBowser is a starter character who in the super smash flash 2 tier chart placed 29th at the moment. Bowser’s actions have a wide range and power, and his assaults are capable of causing great damage or adversely affecting his foe. In comparison, his Whirling Fortress will easily break the enemies of the shield and KO. Bowser has some flaws, although he’s a really strong character. Second, it’s very unfortunate for his agility. But his drawback is bad-his combination breakers are not particularly reliable and his chances for landing are generally poor. That makes him vulnerable to trouble with strong balancing characters. Ultimately, because his offstage game is one of the lowest as his only successful recovery feature, he is quickly gimped.
 Donkey KongDonkey KongDonkey KongHe is currently ranked sixth in the category list of super smash flash 2. He’s got an incredible variety on most of his assaults. These are threats that are extremely dangerous. Nonetheless, Donkey Kong is probably the weakest character in the game due to its large scale, heavyweight, and strong decrease.
 YoshiYoshiYoshiYoshi is a character from the start who placed 19th in the B class. He can take harm and blend well, the pace of air movement is impressive. Due to its size and weight, his vulnerability is susceptible to combos and chain catches.




WarioWarioWario is a starting heroin Super Smash Flash 2 and is the Wario universe’s sole player reference. He is currently ranked 36th in the C-category on the class list of super smash flash 2. His power is to have a good game of motion, a great skill to blend. His control of airspeed and air is really impressive. Wario, though, suffers from a short-range that leaves him prone to disjointed hitbox characters. In addition, his ground mobility and range are really poor, and Wario has to rely on close-range attacks to damage the opponent.



LinkThe Legend of ZeldaLink is ranked 7th in the current tier list as a starter character. His strength lies in being a highly flexible and effective zoning game, a decent combo game, and a wide range of powerful finishers. His normal ground agility and fighting range, though, makes it difficult to play close defensively, enabling stronger characters to overpower him easily if they get too close.




ZeldaThe Legend of ZeldaZelda is a beginner, ranked 22nd in the B+ category. In a large number of her assaults, she has transcendent focus, excellent at the touch, and many powerful moves to destroy such as her Lightning Kicks. Her combination game is above average, enabling her to interact with her strong early KOs assaults. She has a strong projectile game with Din’s Fire and the potential with Nayru’s Love to mirror projectiles. She has a very effective choice to defend the bottom. Zelda’s agility, though, is very poor; she has the worst level of walking and is also one of the slowest dashes.
 SheikSheikThe Legend of ZeldaSheik is a player starter character who placed fifteenth in the B+ category. She has excellent ability to combine, good mobility on the field. Sheik is pretty tall, though, and this makes her quick to hit; however, her high coupled with her below-average weight makes KO’d easy for her.



SamusMetroidSamus is a Super Smash Flash 2 starter character. She’s ranked fourth in the A+ level. Samus has great horizontal endurance due to her weight. She is also the only character to have a reliable instant-kill projectile through load stacking in super smash flash 2. Samus, though, is one of the game’s slowest fast sliding rates, making it easy to get KO’d upside down.
 Zero Suit SamusZero Suit SamusMetroidZero Suit Samus is a starting hero, ranked 34th on the tier list at the moment. Throughout her assaults, she has disjoined power, outstanding strength, and extraordinary zoning capacity. Zero Suit’s limitation is that it has below average weight, rendering it KO’d sooner horizontally.


NessEarthBoundNess is also a starting hero. In his forward smash, he has a good aerial game, reasonable combo ability, and quick finishers. In many of his assaults, though, he has range issues. In addition, he has a slow speed of movement that makes him have a weak selection of approach options.

Captain Falcon


Captain FalconF – ZeroOn the latest class ranking, Captain Falcon is rated 11th. He has strong strikes, a great game of catch, and very effective aerials, making him one of the strongest combination gamers in the team. Nevertheless, due to a combination of fast rapid dropping pace, Falcon is highly vulnerable to combos and chain catches. He’s also the second-highest character and the over-average weight that allows him one of the simplest characters to merge.


KirbyKirbyKirby is also a Super Smash Flash 2 downloadable seasoned starting player. He is on the class list ranked 27th in the C category. He has a strong ability to combine, disjointed scope on some assaults. Throughout his smash assaults, Hammer, and back aerial, he also has good finishers.
 Meta KnightMeta KnightKirbyMeta Knight is a starter character who is ranked 10th in A- tier. He has a very strong combo ability, and skill moves in his forward and down smashes.


IchigoBleachIchigo is a playable newcomer starter character in Super Smash Flash 2. He is ranked 5th on the A+ tier on the super smash flash 2 tier list.  He has a disjointed hitbox, a strong air game, and powerful finishers. He also has a good mobility option in his pseudo wavedash which makes him have a good approach option.
 NarutoNarutoNarutoNaruto is a starter character who is ranked 39th on the bottom of the D tier. he possesses fast attacks, great combo ability, and powerful finishers in all of his smash attacks, higher stages of Rasengan, back aerial, and down tilt.



GokuDragon BallGoku is currently ranked 12 on the super smash flash 2 tier list and he is also known as one of the best horizontal recovery characters in-game. His strength is that he has a good recovery and kill moves in the forward smash. He has the ability to float which can help him to recovery. He can increase his speed, power, and the hitstun of his attacks when activated the down special Kaiō-ken. His weakness is that he has problems with the range of attacks.


LuffyOne PieceLuffy is ranked 37th on the Super Smash Flash 2 Beta tier list. He has strong finishers in his forward, back, and down aerial. In addition, he also can attack or grab from afar by using most of his moves. Luffy’s weakness is that his hurtbox will be extended when he stretches his body.



PikachuPokémonPikachu is ranked 18th on the B-tier. It is a quite strong character with abilities of quick attacks, decent combo, great recovery, and good finishers in both up, forward smash, and back aerial. In fact, Pikachu is considered to be one of the best edge guarders in the game. However, because of its lightweight, it is easy to be KO horizontally. In addition, it also has poor reach, so, in order to start combos, it has to get up close to the opponents.
 LloydLloydTalesLloyd is a very strong character and currently ranks 2nd on the tier list. He has fast attack speed, strong combo potential, and disjointed hitboxes in most of his attacks. However, his weakness is that if he gets too much damage, he will have some difficulty in finishing off his opponents.


SoraKingdom heartSora currently ranks 25th on the super smash flash 2 tier list with many great abilities such as great combo, good range in attacks, speedy aerial attacks, and reliable KO moves in both forward and up smash. His weakness is that he is easy to be KO vertically and horizontally because of his weight and falling speed.

Black Mage

Black MageFinal FantasyBlack Mage is rated 32nd on the tier list and is one of the game’s best edge guards. He’s got a solid aerial game, a decent combination extender, and running to attack. Nevertheless, due to its average speed of movement, Balck Mage has a quite poor neutral game.



BombermanBombermanBomberman is a robot whose key skill is to build explosives that are currently ranked 21st on the tier list from his own side. He has the ability to control the stage of planting and carrying around up to five bombs that are capable of creating highly damaging explosives during detonation. However, due to his good aerial agility, he has very high maneuverability. Nevertheless, his drawbacks are fast rapid dropping pace, and a wide hurtbox.


PAC-MANPAC-MANPAC-MAN places are 24th on the beta tier list of super smash flash 2 with rich ways of playing. He also has one of the game’s best ledge traps, fantastic out of shield, and the ability to shield his fruits. His drawback, though, is that, except for his raw smash attacks, he has low KO choices.

Mega Man

Mega ManMega ManMega Man ranks in the tier list 16th in the B-tier. In most of his attacks, he has good combo capability, good projectile, and good reach. Moreover, in both down-up smash and back aerial, he also has the skill moves. However, due to its above-average weight, Mega man is susceptible to combos and chain grabs.
 TailsTailsSonicTails is a very strong character in his assaults, with clear priority. He’s got a solid air game, a great recovery, good combination ability, and both up and down smash and up and back aerial movements destroy. However, with decent airspeed, he also has great recovery. Nonetheless, he has some issues and is quick to be KO when coping with the characters that own disjointed selection that can go through his higher priority attacks.


SonicSonicActually, Sonic ranks 33rd in the tier list with quick attacks, reasonable combo skill, helpful strategies, successful catch game, and both forward smash, up and back aerials switch to KO.


Chibi-RoboChibi-RoboIn most of his assaults, Chibi-Robo places 14th on the tier list with a disjointed range and strong priority. He also has a nice Pick-Up reflector that helps him to hold the projectile and fire it whenever he needs it.
 IsaacIsaacGolden SunThis player is ranked 23rd on the tier list with the ability to punish his unique and break assaults with neutrality. He also has the ability to combine the aerial motions very well to make him at the close mid-range very effective.
 PitPitKid IcarusThe pit is a very powerful character. He has the ability to combine very well, move fast on the field, and in his side unique step he has great kill gestures.
 Mr. Game & WatchMr. Game & WatchGame & WatchMr. Game & Watch is a lightweight character rated 28th on ssf2’s tier list. His strength is that jumping into the air is quick.


JigglypuffPokémonJigglypuff is also a lightweight game on the C-tier list, ranked 31st. The character’s power is that it has strong moves to destroy and fast airspeed. This hero, though, is also SSF2’s lightest and most moving character, so it is very simple to be KO.


FalcoStar FoxFalco is very powerful and in super smash flash, 2 placed 8th of A on the tier chart. He has a good date frame and is one of the game’s best neutrals. He also has fast finishers, a solid comet, and a good combo. Although owing to his fast-dropping pace, Falco still has a drawback is that he is very prone to combos and chain catches.


FoxStar FoxFox ranks 9th on the tier list with a number of skills such as fast attacks, great combo, powerful finishers, and many special movements. Fox, however, is the character with the highest falling speed in the game that causes him to have trouble trying to recover vertically.
 Bandana DeeBandana DeeKirbyBandana Dee is a lightweight character ranked 26th on the current tier list in super smash flash 2. He has a great ability to combine that enables him to string multiple attacks together to create a powerful one for good damage. He’s also a character, though, that lacks killing power and hard for KO.
MarthMarthFire EmblemMarth is a very powerful person in this game as well. On the tier chart, he is listed 3rd. When working on the turf, he has strong strikes, a great combo, and such a power finisher.


Unlockable characters

Super Smash Flash 2 unblocked 66, 99, 88 & 76 Pichu, Sandbag, Krystal, Rayman, Simon, and Waluigi are six of them. Only Pichu and Sandbag are revealed in these characters at this time how to unlock, the remaining four characters are to be announced.

CharacterNameUniverseHow to unlock
 PichuPichuPokémonIt can activate in the stage of Pokémon Colosseum. The players have to control a Pikachu to activate this, play a match in any game mode (except for training) and accumulate at least 172 percent of the hurt.
 SandbagSandbagSuper Smash BrosIn the Waiting Room level, Sandbag is able to unblock and players have to complete Classic on the minimum normal difficulty without using a random character to start.
 RaymanRaymanRaymanTo be announced
 SimonSimonCastlevaniaTo be announced
 KrystalKrystalStar FoxTo be announced
 WaluigiWaluigiWarioTo be announced

The stage of SSF2

The stage is the designated area wherein the super smash flash 2 the protagonists battle each other. -stage has a different layout, scale, and form, including sometimes hazards that somehow impact matches such as water, debris, fires, etc. In super smash flash 2, there are eight stages like Distant Earth, Home Zone, Devil’s Computer, Waiting Room, Banned Area, Final Place, and World Tournament.

Distant Planet: Distant Planet is the game’s beginning point. It is from the Universe of Pikmin and is not available in beta ssf2. The stage has a bridge, a medium level, and three small stages around its shape. Additionally, the Red Bulborb is another site that will appear spontaneously and open its mouth.

Home stage: A home stage is a stage that the game and/or players most frequently associate with a character. In super smash flash 2, there will be a stage performance for each world, and each player character will play by extending on their home stage.

Devil’s Machine: Devil’s Machine is a Super Smash Flash 2 66, 99, 88 & 76 unlockable level. It’s a long, flat stage with no features. The computer itself is in the middle and the stage was surrounded by Giygas, but players are unable to communicate. Devil’s Machine is the single largest stage in the game, stretching beyond the Temple’s entire length. The activation condition is that with the translucent outfit of Ness, the character has to self-destruct three times.

World Tournament: An unlockable level reflecting the Dragon Ball universe is the World Tournament. This scene in Super Smash Flash 2 acts as one of Goku’s home levels. Players need to play 15 matches versus to activate this level.

Final Valley: Final Valley is also known as Valley of the End is an unlockable stage in super smash flash 2 which comes from the universe of Naruto and serves as the home stage of Naruto. This stage is made up of two small, uneven spaces on either side of floating stone platforms. Players need to clear the event match #12: Shadow Clone Showdown to unlock this stage.

Prohibited level: The prohibited stage is not available for action in the competition. There are 3 stages of stage bans in super smash flash 2, including Barred, Banned in the backroom system, and barred in the online list of back rooms.

Waiting Room: It is an unlockable stage in the Waiting Room. Players should wait for other players at this point and be prepared to play them in an online game and in the meantime. Players must play any Vs match with Sandbag participating to activate this level.

How to play Commands such as Leap, Up, Left, Down, Right, Run, Catch, Assault Special, Shield is included in the title. And you can assign all of them to any click you choose. Just go to the Options menu, pick the Controls feature and configure as you like your orders, which also extends to all four teams.

The super smash flash 2 controls option is available for both client and downloaded versions; there is also no way to reset the controls back to the default settings normally. If the super smash flash 2 controls are to be reset back to default settings, you have to do it manually or by clearing all info.

    • Tips and tricks Don’t slip out of the stage you’re on.
    • To get more points, KO your opponents.
    • Attempt to get on the stage the help things.

Questions 1: Super smash flash 2 frequently asked how to unlock all characters?

For super smash flash 2, there is a minimum of 43 characters of which 6 characters must be unlocked for use. Please read on the unlockable Super Smash Flash 2 to hack these characters.

2: How to use a mega-smash snap trigger 2 66, 99, 88 & 76?

How to use a super smash flash 2 remote is so many people’s frequently asked question. Yes, to love this game much more, lots of people use super smash flash 2 Gamecube controller. You need to set it up to use this.

Stage 1: Install a copy of the super smash flash 2 test, ready a controller adapter for Gamecube.
Step 2: Use a USB cable or Bluetooth pairing to connect the controller.
Step 3: Set up control buttons
Step 4: Play game 3: How to practice multiplayer mega-smash flash 2 66?

Select an online mode from the menu to create an account. To transfer to and complete the registration form, click “Login here.” You will enjoy super smash flash 2 online after that, only join this account in the online mode.

4: How to go in super smash snap 2 super Saiyan?

In reality, in Super Smash Flash 2, Super Saiyan is the final smash of Goku, which means that if you want to go to Super Saiyan, players must execute a Final Smash. And to do that, you need to smash a Smash Ball and then press Goku’s running skills icon.

5: Super Smash 2 shadow triggering flash?

In reality, it’s not Shadow in Super Smash Flash 2 and it’s just Super Smash Flash. Therefore, this character can not be unlocked in SSF2. In SSF, you need to clear Adventure with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles in order to unlock darkness.

6: Super break sandbag flash 2 how to open it?

Sandbag is a super smash flash 2 unlockable hero. In order to unlock this game, as stated on the Super Smash Flash 2 unlockables, you must complete Classic on the minimum normal difficulty without using a random match.

7: Super smash flash 2 how to unlock Luigi?

Luigi is a starting character in Super Smash Flash 2, so you don’t have to activate him to use when you enter the game.

8: Super smash 2 how to activate vegetables?

In Super Smash Flash 2, Vegeta exists only as a background character on Planet Namek, along with Trunks and Gohan, from version 0.7 of the prototype onwards. Therefore, this character can’t be released in super smash flash 2.

I showed you a ton of super smash flash 2 66, 99, 88 & 76. Now it’s time for you to see the game for yourself. Let’s start!

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