Use USA (+ 1) number to make your WhatsApp account

create whatsapp account with us number

Everybody knows how WhatsApp started to dominate our real world. Everyone in this world has already begun to use WhatsApp. Most of us continue our day with our messages from WhatsApp. Whatsapp has a lot of features that people use this tool to distribute it. It is secure, quick and easy to use. It’s one of the most downloaded apps in all app stores. In addition, it holds the record for most active users for an application in one day. There are already many tricks available in the Internet which are cool.

Well, as we all know, WhatsApp is a viral PlayStore app and is very popular in India and around the world as it provides many features and is very helpful as any other messaging app. Ah! Ah! If you don’t read this guide, you have the best WhatsApp trick from 2020 here today to make your WhatsApp account US number and this approach is fully tested and will function 100%.

Using this WhatsApp trick, you can easily make bruises of your friends and relatives and inform them that by using US, UK, or Canada Number, you are smart users.

The best part of this trick is to build Whatsapp by using the USA numbers in order to protect your personal number and also to protect you from unwanted fake calls made by scammers, and to shield your identity from cheaters.

Recently, one of our readers sent us an e-mail writing an article on How to make USA / UK Whatsapp without the US code. Let me say one thing to you if you don’t know. It’s not easy to get a sim card in the UK or the USA. It can be awful many times. We have therefore decided to cover this report on our website, which is here. We will follow you through all steps in this article to create a free US / UK Whatsapp number. Let us actually start with the article without wasting any more time.

Will you why people are interested in developing WhatsApp from the United Kingdom or Canada? Just to meet your friends and some people have their own reasons. In the following comments, let us know your reason for creating a WhatsApp from the US number.

Benefits of Having US and UK Number

Privacy: This trick is crazy if you want to talk with some new people who don’t want to share your mobile number. As you use WhatsApp from a virtual number, nobody will find your personal number.

This is the main advantage of the US WhatsApp. Interestingly, this trick has an extra add-on. You can show your friends with this trick. It works with almost every Android and iOS device. You can make a number starting from + 1, which with the following tricks is not an easy task. This trick will not cost you a single penny, too. Let’s look at the trick to use the US / UK number WhatsApp.

Build your US / UK Number 2020 WhatsApp

To legally create your WhatsApp account with US number and work it is very simple as you can say one click hacking method. But be honest, if you need to make your WhatsApp account with US Country Code Number(+ 1) you should first be another country’s citizen.

Is it good or not?

  • This new WhatsApp Trick offers more anonymity.
  • Even nobody can trace you makes your identity personal.
  • The more interesting you have an international number (USA No).

Make WhatsApp Account with American or Canadain Number (Working)

Okay, this is the only and quickest way to work for anyone actually using US, UK or Canada phone numbers to build their private or anonymous WhatsApp account. With this simple app, you can simply bypass the WhatsApp Verification process.

Step 1: Download and activate the US Phone Numbers App for 2ndLine.

Step 2: When this app has been activated, build an account using the Login Option with email identification and password

Step 3: After successful login, you’ll be redirected to the next page where you will obtain a country code request. You are recommended to join (201). If you have a certain area code, simply select No specific code and click next, otherwise.

Step 4: Select any of the numbers from the list you want, copy and paste the number on your WhatsApp.

Step 5: It is time to create your US or Canada number with a new WhatsApp account. Open your WhatsApp and use your noted mobile number and click Verify.

Step 6: When WhatsApp sends OTP then on the 2ndLine App you can see it. Nonetheless, the OTP could not get straight into the app in some situations. To check this, you must be patient and wait a while until the Call Me option is enabled. Just press that to hear your OTP when you see the call me button.

Establish WhatsApp Account With USA Number

This method uses a “GROOVE IP” application, which helps us to create a virtual US mobile number. With this program, you can make calls and send SMS too. But these features require some money from your kit. Discuss what we need to use US / UK Whatsapp. Download the GROOVE IP application from your play shop / app store first of all.

Download Link:Download Groove IP

You won’t have any security-related questions in your App Store right? For our long-term use, we think we would not ask you any unnecessary permissions for this document.

  •  You need to register with your e-mail address after you have installed the GROOVE IP application on your mobile device.
  • Now complete your registration and fill in your details.
  • That’s it. That’s it. You were asked to choose an area code now. If you have a particular Area code, pick No Special Code and click next otherwise. You can now choose a mobile number from the number list. Choose one of the numbers.
  • Notice that number. Note that number. It’s time to create your US number for a new WhatsApp account. Open your WhatsApp and use the noted mobile number and click the check button.
  • Now be patient and wait until the Call Me option is enabled. When you see the button call me, just click it to hear the OTP.
  • Whatsapp bot is now calling your GROOVE IP number which tells you the verification code within seconds. Now you have to create a Whatsapp account with the US number.

Make WhatsApp Use Text-Plus App

This approach is almost similar to the previous method except for the two methods with different applications. But this technology has certain benefits over Groove IP. This Text Plus program can be used to configure your virtual mobile number. Install this text plus program from your play store or app store in the first place.


  • Download and install this mobile app.
  • Tap Create Account that appears on your phone to create WhatsApp Account using Text-Plus App Now.
  • Please enter all your personal information such as email, telephone… and build your account on this page.
  •  Open this application after successful registration and sign in with your credentials.
  • Now click on the Account menu and select Tap for a free US account.
  • You are then prompted to use the dialog box to ask for the location of the number. You may hold it by default or change it to get a number from the selected location.
  • Now you have the brand new mobile number based on the location you have chosen.
  • Note the number and open the WhatsApp you are.
  • Paste the copy number and click next to the WhatsApp verification code.
  • Now in your text plus program you can receive a SMS. Enter your test code and rock your new WhatsApp.
  • Now you have a WhatsApp US-based account without a mobile number in the United States. Hope these two tricks have worked for you all.

WhatsApp Global Profile Using Numero eSIM

Step 1: First, you need to download and install NumeroeSIM App on your Android. Numero eSIM is an application with a Virtual Phone number accessible from both Google Play Store.

You can send and receive SMS depending on the package using the Virtual Telephone Number. The use of a virtual phone number has many other benefits. Because Numero eSIM accepts numbers, mobile numbers can be easily handled in these countries.

The rest of the steps are almost the same as mentioned above.


I hope this article will please you. If this article How to build the US / UK WhatsApp number in 2020 is helpful, share it with your friends and family who are searching for this sort of WhatsApp tricks.

This trick from above is very unique and the latest upload on the Internet by Cybersguards. You can make your WhatsApp with USA Number easily with the help of this trick, and it also will help you protect your identity. So let’s make your WhatsApp account 100% US workflow level. Make your WhatsApp with USA number, but if you face problems about any topic, just don’t worry about commenting below. And don’t forget your friends to share it.

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