What is Discord Canary and Is It Safe?

What is Discord Canary and Is It Safe
What is Discord Canary and Is It Safe

Software developers can’t be sure that the software they’re releasing is safe to use until they test it. It may contain bugs, security flaws, or other issues that cause it to cease working, forcing users to switch to another program. That’s why large software releases, such as Discord, put new features to the test before making them public.

The popular community chat app Discord Canary is an alpha beta version. Discord Canary, like Chrome Canary and other “canary”-branded software versions, provides eager testers with access to new features and fixes. Here’s everything you need to know about Discord Canary if you’re wondering.

Discord Canary is a character in the game Discord.

Miners would bring a canary to work in order to help safeguard communities from carbon monoxide poisoning. It wasn’t a metaphor when “a canary down the coal mine” was used to monitor the air quality. The miners would be safe to continue working if the canary remained alive.

Software developers, rather than miners, rely on canaries. A “canary” is a software alpha build or release that other developers, quality testers, and eager users can try out. Crashing, glitches, and other issues are to be expected with a canary release, which is not a stable release.

It’s the same with Discord Canary. This is the first test build for new features and problem fixes. It’s the first of three Discord release channels, and it’ll allow the development team to test and fix issues with Discord before releasing a larger version.

If Discord Canary features or bug fixes are safe, they’ll be added to the Discord Public Test Build (PTB) for more beta testing before being released to the rest of the Discord community in the Discord Stable release. When you download the desktop software or go to the Discord website, this is the version you’ll see and utilize.

The development team may remove these features or patches from Discord before releasing the PTB or Stable releases if they aren’t stable or finalized. Depending on the development team’s overall aim for Discord, some features may make a comeback after more refining, or they may be cancelled outright.

Who can benefit from Discord Canary?

Discord Canary is a beta version that is still in development. This indicates that the features, corrections, and other enhancements are not yet available for the general public. Discord Canary is absolutely safe to use, although it isn’t always reliable. If you’re eager to give it a shot, be prepared for it to crash or break, with features failing to operate or working incorrectly.

Only serious developers, testers, and enthusiasts should install or test a Discord Canary build because it is a testbed release. Discord Canary, on the other hand, can be used to test out the latest Discord features or to assist the development team in finding bugs and problems.

You may download Discord Canary as a desktop program or use the web-based version in your browser if you want to give it a shot. Expect bugs, crashes, failures, and other problems if you test it. Only developers, serious testers, and enthusiasts should use Discord Canary; everyone else should use the stable release.

If you wish to help the development team out, you can submit bug reports for Discord Canary via the Discord website or by joining the official Discord Testers community server. New bug patches will initially emerge in Discord Canary, which will be tested by a smaller number of users before being released to the Stable release.

Discord Canary will not be available for Android or iPhone users, but you can join the Discord Testers community server to participate in early testing of new fixes and additions.

Discord Canary: How to Set It Up

You may try out Discord Canary by downloading the most recent build of the Discord Canary desktop software or using it in your web browser.

To begin, go to the Discord website and download the most recent Discord Canary for your operating system. On Linux, Windows, and Mac, you can download and run the desktop software.

Run the installer for your operating system after it finishes downloading and follow the on-screen instructions.

Start Discord Canary once it has been installed on your PC or Mac. The software can be found with a gold Discord symbol in your Windows Start menu or Mac Launchpad menu; pick it to open it.

When you initially start Discord Canary, it will search for updates. Sign in with your Discord username and password after this is completed.

In a Web Browser, How to Use Discord Canary

While using the desktop software is the easiest way to fully test Discord Canary, you can also use your web browser to try out new features and fixes. Many of the same capabilities as the Discord desktop program are available when using Discord through your web browser, however some (such as continual push-to-talk voice access) are not.

Go to the Discord Canary website in your browser to give it a try on the web. To continue, choose the option to Open Discord in Your Browser.

To confirm that you agree the terms and conditions, fill in your username and check the box below. To proceed, press enter, then enter your password to complete the sign-in process.

Alternatively, go to Discord Canary’s website and click Login in the top-right corner.

You’ll enter your username and password again on the Login screen. To confirm and sign in, use the Login button.

You’ll be able to try out new features and fixes that are only available on the online version of Discord Canary once you’ve signed in. If it’s too unstable to use, go to the Discord Stable website and sign up.

Discord Canary has been put to the test.

You may test out the latest features and bug fixes by installing Discord Canary on your PC or Mac or visiting the Discord Canary URL in your web browser. You can switch to the beta test release in the Discord Public Test Build (PTB) release, or to the publicly available Discord Stable release, if it’s a little unstable.

You may try it out for free by setting up a new Discord server, whether you’re running Discord Canary or Discord Stable. If you want more out of Discord, you can install new bots to enhance functionality, or you can move to one of the many Discord alternatives, such as Slack or Ventrilo.

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