Best Galaxy Watch Apps

Best Galaxy Watch Apps
Best Galaxy Watch Apps

WatchOS (for Apple Watches) or Android Wear are the operating systems for most smart watches. Despite being one of the most well-known Android smartphone manufacturers, Samsung has chosen to equip their watch line with Tizen, the same operating system that runs Samsung smart TVs.

This means that you won’t discover every fantastic Android Wear app in the Galaxy Store until a developer agrees to port their app. There are, however, a plethora of fantastic and helpful apps available for your Galaxy Watch to download. As of 2021, below are some of the finest Galaxy Watch apps.

That is something for which there is a Galaxy Watch app.

1. Samsung Smartwatch Facer Companion

Samsung has a good native watch face store with a lot of free and paid options to dress up your wrist. Facer Studio and its community of designers, on the other hand, have created some of the most beautiful smartwatch faces we’ve ever seen.

On Tizen Galaxy devices, the companion app gives you access to these faces, but you can also install Facer watch faces as separate apps.

2. Listen to music on Spotify

Everyone’s favorite music streaming app is accessible on almost every platform, including Samsung’s Tizen watches. The Spotify watch app’s primary role is to serve as a remote for the playback device you’re currently using. In most circumstances, this means your phone’s audio will be streamed.

You can stream music without a phone if you have a cellular watch with a SIM and a premium subscription. Another premium subscriber feature is the ability to save songs to the watch’s internal storage for offline listening.

3. Locate My Phone

Because your Galaxy Watch is physically tied to your body but your phone isn’t, it makes sense to have an app that allows you to track down your phone if it falls down the back of the couch. When you don’t know where your phone is, this Samsung app is still the easiest, most straightforward way to make it ring.

Unfortunately, the “Locate Phone” service was discontinued on March 15, 2021, but we were still able to have our phone ring when within Bluetooth range, so it’s still a necessary Galaxy Watch app.

4. Samsung SmartThings

If you own a number of Samsung smart appliances or other devices that work with the company’s SmartThings home automation platform, the SmartThings app for your Galaxy Watch is a must-have.

You can choose among the devices that have been set up in the SmartThings Android app on your phone to add your favorites. After that, you may easily operate the devices from your wrist. This is without a doubt the most Jetsons-like app available for Galaxy smart watches!

5. Strava

People buy smartwatches for a variety of reasons, one of which is to utilize them as fitness trackers. As you might assume, Samsung includes a slew of fitness-related features with their product. In general, it works well right out of the box, but certain people who are especially active may want something more.

Strava can help with that. It has a more complete fitness tracking system than Samsung’s default software, as well as thorough statistics and route tracking. This program allows you to track your progress over time, making it ideal for dedicated athletes. Although the app’s fundamental functionality is free, you might want to consider some of the advantages that come with a premium subscription.

6. Wrist Flashlight

In case you didn’t know, Galaxy Watches come with a built-in flashlight, or at least the Galaxy Active 2 we’re looking at has one. Simply scroll down to reveal the shortcut menu and touch the flashlight icon. Wrist Flashlight is a perfectly good application, but it adds a novel twist. Literally.

You can alter the brightness by twisting the physical bezel on Galaxy watches that have them, in addition to giving a variety of colours. You can use on-screen buttons if you’re running Galaxy Active mode.

7. Let’s Get Started

Although most smartwatches now include GPS units, there aren’t many great navigation apps for them. Here, WeGo allows you to download maps of your region on your smartphone, ensuring that you will never be lost, even if you don’t have access to the internet or your phone.

8. Samsung Calculator

This is another free Samsung software that is so valuable that it should come pre-installed on every watch. This Galaxy Watch app does exactly what its name implies: it allows you to compute things.

If you’re in no shape to calculate a tip or need to double-check your mental calculations fast without pulling out your phone, this is a great tool to have. While tapping numbers and functions on a small watch screen isn’t ideal, this app makes it as simple as possible.

9. Triggers ($1.99) (IFTTT – Standalone)

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have access to those functionalities right from your smartwatch if you use IFTTT to operate home automation devices or initiate sequences of events in cyberspace? Triggers does just that, and it’s especially effective when paired with a cellular-enabled smartwatch. If you don’t have that type of watch, it will operate through your phone.

There are several IFTTT apps available in the Galaxy Watch store, but Triggers has a wonderful tutorial video and a lot of positive feedback. It’s a premium app, but considering IFTTT’s nearly endless capabilities, the price is pretty affordable.

10. Wrist Camera ($1.99)

These days, our smartphones come with such amazing cameras that it’s difficult to fathom needing anything else. However, using a phone camera can be uncomfortable in some situations. Wrist Camera is a popular Galaxy Watch software that allows you to use your watch as a remote control for your smartphone’s camera.

A remote trigger for video and photos opens up a world of possibilities, and it’s the ideal companion for a tripod with a phone mount.

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