Best Keyloggers for Hacking


Best Keyloggers for Hacking- Because of the tools’ features, many hackers and script kids prefer the best keyloggers for hacking. The simple software or hardware records everything that happens on a victim’s device. Users and information are at risk from keyloggers, but as an ethical hacker, you should be aware of how you can utilise the tools for ethical hacking.

The best keyloggers for hacking are listed in this article. The article also explains keylogging fundamentals, which are crucial in combating keyloggers’ use by cybercriminals. However, you should exercise caution when using the tools.

What is Keylogging?

The process of recording each keystroke you make, including mouse clicks, is known as keylogging. For this purpose, both software and hardware keyloggers are available. Software keyloggers are installed in the same way that any other computer programme is. They, on the other hand, use a hardware keylogger that is inserted between the keyboard and the CPU.

With the introduction of the Soviet Union’s hardware keylogger targeting typewriters in the mid-1970s, keylogging became widespread. Keystroke loggers were installed at the US Embassy and Consulate facilities in Moscow during the same time period. On November 17, 1983, Perry Kivolowitz created an early software keylogger and posted it to the Usenet newsgroup net.UNIX-wizards, net.sources.

Since then, a tool that was previously only available to top examination organisations and spies has become a standard component available to everyone.

What is the Purpose of a Keylogger?

It’s simple to set up and use keylogger software or hardware. Following the installation process, the utility records all activity on the victim’s PC. Some keyloggers take screenshots of all keystrokes. The keylogger can save the information on the victim’s PC, email the attacker, or upload the data to an FTP server, depending on the tool and setup. Some keyloggers use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to deliver recorded data.

When a victim makes an action such as clicking the mouse, a keylogger captures the screen. It works without the user realising that a programme is recording all of their keystrokes.

Email messages, handwriting, and website URLs visited by a victim are some of the acts that a keylogger records.

Aside from keyboard-triggered activities, certain keyloggers can also record extra data such as clip logging, which records anything copied to the clipboard. By logging randomly coordinated screen captures, the utility can also perform screen logging. Program queries, instant message discussions, FTP downloads, and other Internet activities can all be recorded by keyloggers. Other keylogging software can keep track of actions such as recording and screenshotting every open application, window, and folder.

Using Keylogger as a Hacking Tool

Remotely hacking a device is tricky. When a hacker obtains physical access to the target machine of a victim, however, the work becomes exceedingly simple. To install keylogger applications, a hacker can put a stealthy small USB hacking device into the back of the target PC or laptop.

Hackers might take the path of least resistance with keyloggers. These hacking tools are incredibly tough to spot. A hardware keylogger, for example, sits quietly in the back of the victim’s device.

When unwary consumers click on links or open attachments in phishing emails, cybercriminals can disseminate and install software-based keyloggers programmes. In other circumstances, keyloggers are installed using webpage scripts. When a victim visits a malicious website, they exploit a vulnerable browser and launch the programme.

Without knowing the target, an ethical hacker hired to pen-test a client can install a keylogger right away. The penetration tester has the ability to install a variety of keylogging devices and software on the computers of unsuspecting employees. This strategy produces results that both surprise and impress the client.

In addition to hacking, parents utilise keyloggers to keep track of their children’s internet activities. Employers utilise the software to track their employees’ keystrokes in order to boost remote worker productivity.

Best Keylogger for Hacking

Here are some keyloggers that can be used for hacking:

Hardware-Based Keyloggers

KeyGrabber TimeKeeper USB

This instrument is a master of deception. The keylogger is so unobtrusive that it will practically go unnoticed by an unsuspecting user. The KeyGrabber utility uses a timestamp to record each keystroke. The tool uses a Wi-Fi signal to send the data it has collected. The installation of KeyGrabber is simple because it does not require any additional drivers.

Furthermore, the hardware keylogger has an enormous 8 GB of data storage, so you can rest assured that it will record every keystroke for years to come. The frightening issue is that, for the most part, KeyGrabber is undetectable by security scanners and is virtually invisible to normal PC operations.

KeyGrabber Timekeeper USB is available on Amazon.

Wi-Fi Premium USB MCP Hardware KeyLogger 2GB

This utility sends out automated reports using data from the keyboard that has been recorded. The keylogger is MAC compatible to the nth degree. Because of its user-friendliness, the Wi-Fi Premium USB MCP keylogger was created with the laziest hacker in mind.

The keylogger comes with a built-in timestamping module and a 2GB memory capacity.

It’s available for purchase on Amazon.

KeyGrabber Pico USB 8GB

The KeyGrabber Pico USB is attached to the rear of a PC tower, and a conventional USB make end is inserted into it. With a length of 0.8′′, the device is one of the tiniest on the market (20 mm).

Any USB keyboard, even those with built-in hubs, will operate with the keylogger. Installing and using KeyGrabber Pico does not require any other software or drivers. The programme is also undetected by security scanners and transparent to computer operations.

KeyGrabber Pico is available on Amazon.

Keylogger Mini USB 3.0

The Keylogger Mini USB 3.0 does not need to be configured remotely. Ethical hackers with physical access to a target’s machine can use the equipment.

The keylogger records all keystrokes to a secret file and works on common operating systems like Windows 7, 8, and 10.

The gadget functions as a standard USB storage device with a 4GB capacity.

Keylogger Mini USB 3.0, on the other hand, does not work on Linux or Apple.

AirDrive Forensic Keylogger Pro

Wi-Fi connectivity, 16MB flash, email, and live data transfer are all included in this USB hardware keylogger. With a size of 0.4′′, AirDrive Forensic Pro is one of the tiniest keyloggers on the market (10 mm).

Reports, timestamping, and live data streaming over the network are all sent via email. It can also be used with barcode scanners. Hardware encryption protects the memory of the AirDrive Forensic Keylogger.

The keylogger is available for purchase on Amazon.

Software-Based Keyloggers

You may obtain some of the top free keyloggers from the Internet in addition to hardware-based keyloggers. So, to understand more about the finest software keyloggers, keep reading this article.


All keystrokes, chats, emails, Facebook emails, passwords, and URL visits are saved by BestXSoftware Keylogger. The gadget records data and distributes it to hackers via email.

Recording keystrokes, monitoring the clipboard, capturing screenshots, tracking internet activities, monitoring local apps, making HTML reports, advanced filtering, scheduling monitoring, and password protection are just a few of BestXSoftware’s features.

The keylogger also includes a user-friendly report and screenshot viewer. The programme is password-protected and works invisibly in the background. Only the person who installed the keylogger will be able to see or open the tools with the password. BestXSoftware is undetectable by antivirus software.

Actual Keylogger

Actual keylogger keeps track of all user activity on a target computer, allowing you to see what your target is up to. The software maintains track of the programmes that are open or closed, the websites that are visited, and the keystrokes that are pressed. Actual Keylogger may also capture screenshots and content from the clipboard.

For both Windows and Mac, an actual keylogger is provided. Once configured, the software records screen activity for a predetermined amount of time, encrypts log files for all activities, and provides HTML and text reports.

Aside from that, the keylogger has advanced features such as normal and hidden working modes, hidden mode invisibility in all operating systems, a user-friendly interface for screenshot and log viewing, quick installation, and flexible configuration.


With over 10 million downloads, Revealer Keylogger Free 2020 is a popular free monitoring programme. The software’s sophisticated algorithm can track everything users enter on their keyboard, including passwords for applications like Facebook, Skype, and email accounts.

Revealer has an automatic screenshot capability that allows you to see all of the operations that are being performed on the target machine. When a user types or moves the mouse, the utility captures active application screens.

With Revealer, you can examine the captured text remotely through email, Dropbox, FTP, or LAN. You can change how often the recorded screenshots and words are delivered.

Revealer also has an invisible mode that makes it invisible in Windows tools like Windows Task Manager, Windows Explorer, and the registry.

Revealer is rated as the best monitoring software by CNET, and Wired recommends the keylogger for Windows. Revealer is one of the most popular keylogger programmes, according to Softonic, with over 3 million downloads.


Spyrix offers complete cloud surveillance from afar. The keylogger can be used to remotely monitor all activity from any location. Instead of downloading recorded files, Spyrix allows you to view keystroke information by logging into an online account.

Spyrix also allows you to view a live screen or a webcam. The programme is available for Windows (XP and later) as well as a web version that may be used on any desktop or mobile device. The keylogger also keeps track on and records activity on social media platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Your online account allows you to create and download recorded data reports.

Elite Keylogger

Elite Keylogger for Windows and Mac keeps an eye on a target computer to see what’s going on. The device functions as a covert camera. Employers may use Elite Keylogger to boost employee efficiency while parents can use it to protect their children online.

Elite Keylogger allows hackers to record all keystrokes typed on a computer while remaining fully undetectable to the victim. The tool records everything a user does, including passwords, documents, emails, chat conversations, and everything else.

Elite Keylogger can capture data shared by a victim on various platforms, including Skype, GTalk, AOL, and MSN. It has the capability of recording both incoming and outgoing communications.

Elite Keylogger remotely monitors computers and sends logs to the hacker through email or upload to a server. The application also has a user-friendly interface and good URL interception.

Wolfeye Keylogger

Wolfeye Keylogger is a piece of software that allows you to keep track of what you’re doing on your computer. All keystrokes, including passwords to email and Facebook accounts, are recorded by the keylogger. All chats and instant messages are recorded by Wolfeye.

This keylogger can be used to capture email passwords and get access to social media accounts by hackers. Wolfeye also collects screenshots on a regular basis to display what the user sees. All monitored data is readily emailed to the hacker using the software.

All-In-One Keylogger

The All-In-One keylogger is one of the most feature-rich keyloggers available today. Keystrokes, screenshots, visited websites, sent and received messages in social network categories, printer tasks, file and folder directory changes, and more are all collected by the invisible tool.

With a one-click or preconfigured installation, the keylogger is simple to use.

If the device you’re monitoring has a webcam, you can use it to record audio or take pictures in the room using All-In-One Keylogger. This feature transforms the device of a victim into a basic security surveillance system.

FTP, email, LAN, and copying gathered data to a USB drive are just a few of the handy log distribution methods offered by All-In-One keylogger.

In addition, the keylogger protects your privacy by encrypting your logs and encrypting your passwords.

Total Logger

Total Logger is a powerful surveillance application that includes keystroke logging, screenshot capture, file operations recording, site URL tracking, and social media discussion monitoring, among other features. Sound and video from the victim’s camera are also recorded by the keylogger.

It’s not difficult to review Total Logger records. The logs can be delivered via email, LAN, FTP, or Dropbox. Without touching the machine, hackers can obtain a detailed picture of the victim’s computer activities.

A keylogger that records keystrokes and other actions on a target machine may appear to be innocent in the end. In the hands of fraudsters, though, the tool can be used to steal sensitive information such as passwords and bank information. Ethical hackers can learn more about keyloggers and employ them in routine operations such as penetration testing and training. This article discusses the finest keyloggers for hacking, both hardware and software-based. To prevent sophisticated keylogging activities, users should maintain vigilance and implement a proactive and comprehensive security policy.

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