Comparison Between a Video Game Reboot vs Remake vs Remaster

Comparison Between a Video Game Reboot vs Remake vs Remaster
Comparison Between a Video Game Reboot vs Remake vs Remaster

The old has been reborn as new. Despite all of the cutting-edge technology found in today’s consoles and video games, many people yearn for simpler times. As a result, numerous publishers are repurposing older, iconic games for release on newer consoles.

You may hear a variety of terms used to describe these games as they are created. “Reboot,” “remake,” or “remaster” are the most common terms used. There are some significant differences between these, and understanding them will help you better comprehend what the game has to offer.

What Is a Reboot, Anyway?

When a game is restarted, the creators take aspects from a prior series and start from the beginning. Characters, settings, and the general tale are frequently altered.

Reboots tend to radically change most parts of the game in order to appeal to a new audience, hence they aren’t usually sequels to prior games in a series.

Doom, for example, was a revival of the 1993 first-person shooter game. The graphics were fully revamped, and the plot and gameplay components were given greater depth.

In comparison to other sorts of game reworks, a reboot tends to alter far more of the original game’s content. In a reboot, the entire premise of a game or game series is recreated.

What Exactly Is a Remake?

A remake is an attempt by game developers to totally reconstruct a game from its original state, upgrading it technically and making it more playable for a newer generation. Within a remake, the fundamental concepts of the game, such as characters, plotlines, and locales, tend to remain the same. There may, however, be new gameplay components as well as adjustments to content like as goods, enemies, combat, and more.

Shadow of the Colossus, a Playstation 2 game that was rebuilt for the Playstation 3, is an example of a remake. A graphic overhaul, a new control system, and improved overall performance on the PS3 were among the changes from the original.

What Is a Remaster, Exactly?

Although the differences between remakes and remasters are minor, they do exist. A remaster is often made to look well on newer devices and update the game to different resolutions such as HD, whereas a remake focuses on redoing the technical and performance components of a game.

Other aspects of the game that can be technically enhanced, such as sound, voice acting, and controls, may be updated as well. However, the majority of the gameplay remains the same.

The Spyro Reignited trilogy is an example of a remaster. These three games were totally redesigned in terms of graphics, and the levels were reproduced in the same way as the originals. The whole soundtrack, as well as Spyro’s words, were re-recorded.

Other Terms That Are Similar

When it comes to an older game being re-released, there are a few different terms you might hear. These can also provide insight into the types of alterations that were made to the original game.

These releases are just games that have been modified to function on a different console. When a game is designed to be played on many platforms, each release is a unique port for each platform.

Aside from variances in controls depending on which system the game is played on, there are usually very few differences between an original game and its ports.


These games aren’t really sequels because they’re usually radically different from the main game or series. Spin-offs are games set in the same universe as a game series but with separate characters and plotlines.

The core series of games on which the spin-off is based usually has a lot of allusions. Super popular game series, such as Pokemon, are rife with these types of games. Pokemon Mystery Dungeons, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Ranger, and Pokemon GO are just a few of the many Pokemon spin-off games available.


This is an easy-to-understand term. When a game is rereleased, it is usually on the same console as when it was first released. Many game publishers rename their most successful titles as “Greatest Hits” for the PS2 and PS3, “Nintendo Selects” for the Wii, WiiU, and 3DS, or “Game of the Year” editions for the Wii, WiiU, and 3DS.

Although new content may be included for this special version of the game, these normally don’t differ much from the original game. When these games go on sale, you can often gain some extra in-game stuff in exchange for purchasing them.

Are These Video Games Worth Purchasing?

While it may appear gimmicky to produce the same game again in order to attract a wider audience, remastered, rebooted, and rebuilt games often provide much-needed upgrades to these classics.

Some developers are better than others at repeating their past games, so it all depends on the game. There are occasions when a remake or remaster is clearly done for the sake of profit, with little care given to it. Reboots are distinct in that they are frequently diametrically opposed to the source content, necessitating a greater amount of effort.

Don’t be startled if your favorite classic game gets a fresh, updated edition. Many game creators recognize the importance of these games to its fans and strive to make them feel as though you’re playing them for the first time.

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