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You might be a big fan of cricket. You should review all matches to make sure no game is missed on TV or the Internet. However, you may not be able to look at the match. You may need to focus on live scores and news updates in this situation. This can be broadcast on TV or the Internet. In order to make things easy, applications are developed to provide you with score updates when you can not access live match streaming online or offline. The following are some of the cricket news and live score applications for mobile phones.


CricBuzz is one of the leading mobile apps in the cricket updates scene. This seeks to include results from all the International Cricket Council (ICC) matches. It covers the World Cup and T20. It also involves most of the regional competitions, such as Big Bash, the Indian Premier League and the Ashes series. Some of its best characteristics are provided below.

    • Each ball displays the latest cricket scores.
    • Users will read the comment.
    • All the latest cricket scores are updated.
    • On the app you can find the highlights for the cricket matches.
    • Allows you to replay all highlights.
    • The results of each match are statistically represented to highlight the ups and downs of a series or a particular game.
    • News and guide sections for sports lovers.


This is another one of the leading cricket update apps. It is and is one of the most downloaded apps. ESPNCricInfo is your best friend if you can not live without cricket and want to know every detail in the cricket world. Initially launched as a website for desktops, this mobile application eventually gave way to a huge demand for mobile applications. It can be found on both iOS and Android devices. ESPNCricInfo also covers the entire Indian Premier League. There are some of the best features below:

    • The app shows an updated scoreboard every second.
    • Users may choose to push update notifications or cricket match reminders.
    • Through personalizing the device interface, users can take the app to a different level.
    • You can choose your favorite team and receive personalized updates for that particular team.



Download CricSmith into a world of sophisticated cricket upgrade software. This app has a super smooth interface with features to blow your mind most definitely. Rest assured, all national and international series are examined.

    • Updates and news push notifications are available.
    • Through match monitors and regulates the scoreboard.
    • Less advertising.

Yahoo! Cricket App

Yahoo! Cricket App was developed and maintained by Yahoo, as the name suggests. It is one of the most powerful cricket alerts and scores for live cricket. It is free to use on Android phones and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store free of charge.

    • The comment is made for each ball.
    • Profiles and statistics are available for each player and team.
    • Lists are drawn up by the app to display player rankings.


Cricket 24

This is an app that covers any set of crickets; large or small. Don’t be surprised to find both international events like ICC meetings, as well as regional events. T20 blast and Royal One-Day Cup London are regional events.

    • The Cricket 24 feature also covers other sports than cricket.
    • Performance statistics are accurate and scientific.
    • The app also allows you to push notifications.

Official BCCI App

Here is an application that the BCCI itself constructs, implements, and manages. If you just want to keep track of the Indian team, this is what you need. The Cricket India Control Board monitors the recent news about the Indian cricket team.

    • The findings and reports are published here.
    • This app enables its users to purchase match tickets in India and abroad.
    • Live matches can be viewed on the web.
    • Consumers can also look at the highlights of the matches.


ICC Cricket

What could be better than an app that the Indian Cricket Council or the ICC has developed and maintained? You can follow the official interviews of the ICC itself from match previews, match highlights, and schedules.

    • You will find the player profiles with the ICC’s own information.
    • The ICC publishes and uploads documents and writings.
    • Only the ICC’s cricket series can be seen on the website.
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