How to Search Facebook Friends by Job, or School, Location?

How to Search Facebook Friends by Location, Job, or School
How to Search Facebook Friends by Location, Job, or School

Facebook is an excellent resource for locating people online. It’s still a popular site, and you’re likely to run across both your coworker and the girl you sat next to in elementary school there.

It may get challenging to recall everyone on your Facebook friends list once you’ve found and collected all of your connections. When this happens, Facebook includes a handy set of criteria that you can use to search your friends list for a specific individual.

How to Find Friends on Facebook Using Their Names

When looking for someone in their Facebook friends list, the most common method is to search by name. If you know the person’s name, you can find them in your Facebook friends list by following the simple steps below.

  1. Go to your profile page on Facebook.
  2. Choose Friends from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the Search box, type your friend’s name.

On the list below, you’ll see all of the profiles that fit your criteria. When you hover your mouse over the name of a friend, you’ll see choices to contact them or see their profile.

How to Find Friends on Facebook Based on Their Job or School

When you don’t remember the name of the person you’re looking for, things grow even more tough. In that scenario, you can search your friends list using Facebook’s search criteria.

If you and the person you’re looking for worked in the same place, you can use the Work filter to find them. To do so, go to your Profile page > Friends and pick Work from the drop-down option. Following that, you’ll see a list of all of your coworkers.

You must have your workplace listed on your Facebook page in order to utilise this filter. Under Work, you’ll locate people from your friends list who work for the same company as you.

University is another filter you can use to find your Facebook pals. Following the path Profile page > Friends > University, you can find persons with whom you went to high school. The list will once again show you persons who have the same college or university as you on their profile.

How to Find Friends on Facebook Based on Their Birthdays

Birthdays is a useful filter that Facebook provides to its users. You can use it to keep track of all of your friends’ birthday dates if you don’t know when their birthday is.

Open your Facebook friends list and click Birthdays to discover your friends’ forthcoming birthdays. A list of people whose birthdays are coming up in the next few days will appear. If you don’t want to forget to send your greetings, add them to your calendar or use Facebook’s notifications box to receive birthday reminders.

How to Find Someone Through the Friends of Your Friends

What if the Facebook buddy you’re looking for has unfriended you or isn’t on your friends list for any other reason? In such scenario, you can still see their profile on Facebook and contact them. Here are a few ideas for how to go about it.

You can utilize one of your Facebook friends to locate someone who isn’t on your friends list but has a connection to this individual. They might work or study together, or they might even reside in the same city. There are two methods for finding someone through your friends’ pals.

  1. If you know the person’s name, you can utilize the Friends of Friends filter to track them down on Facebook. Open Facebook and search for the person’s name in the Search box. Select People > Friends of Friends from the Filters menu. You’ll see a list of people who have the same name as you and with whom you share mutual friends.
  2. If you don’t know the person’s precise name, you can look them up on the People You May Know page. Open Facebook and choose Friends from the left-hand menu. You’ll find a list of people you have mutual friends with under People You May Know. See if you can find the individual you’re looking for by scrolling down.

Other Options for Finding Someone Who Isn’t on Your Friends List

If you haven’t been able to locate a person through your friends’ friends, there are alternative options. One of them is to search Facebook Groups for the person. When you know someone is interested in a particular field or issue, you can search the members of similar public groups for that individual.

To do so, go to Facebook and choose Groups from the left-hand menu. Then, in the Search groups box, type the group’s name. Select the appropriate group from the drop-down menu, then Members to view the group’s members.

It’s worth noting that you’ll only be able to see members of Facebook groups that have been set to Public. If you wish to look at a closed group’s members list, you must first join the group.

Another option to find someone on Facebook is to look for them on another social networking platform, such as Twitter or Instagram, using their handle or username. People frequently reuse their usernames on different websites and platforms.

At the end of every Facebook profile’s URL is a unique username. When you open your profile page (what comes after, you’ll see yours. Try using the person’s username from another website in their Facebook URL to see if you can get to their profile page.

How to Find People on Facebook by Employers?

If you’re looking for someone on Facebook, especially if they have a common name, it can be useful to filter by their workplace. Using the Facebook search tool, you can instruct Facebook to search by workplace, educational background, present city, or other information. Other websites and social media networks may also allow you to search for people by employer.

Employer Search on Facebook

Type some or all of a person’s name into the search box to find them on Facebook by employment. Then select “People” from the drop-down menu.

Options to filter the people revealed in the search results can be found on the left side of the screen. People’s educational backgrounds, current locales, employers, and whether they have mutual pals with you or another of your friends are all possibilities.

If you don’t see the employee you’re looking for in the list, go to the panel on the left side of the screen and input the name of the company you’re looking for.

If you’re still having trouble, it’s likely that the person you’re looking for on Facebook has opted not to share information about their workplace with the general public.

Find People Who Worked Somewhere Else

If you can’t find the people you’re looking for on Facebook because of their workplace, look elsewhere on the internet. If you locate someone elsewhere, you may be able to locate them more quickly on Facebook or verify that the photos you see on Facebook belong to the correct individuals.

LinkedIn, a professional social networking site where people may publish resumes and other work-related information, is a fantastic location to look for people by company. Some people use Twitter and other social media sites to promote their employers.

Check the company’s website for a list of employees, which might help you narrow down your search results on other sites.

Privacy Options on Facebook

You may customize what people see on Facebook about you and how they can find you on Facebook, just like the person you’re looking for. You might wish to keep your current or prior employer concealed or only visible to your pals, for example.

Go to the “About” tab of your Facebook profile to set or change your employment history. In the side panel, choose “Work and Education.” You can then add or remove a workplace, as well as adjust the audience picker to control who (if anyone) can see the information.

Check your privacy settings on a regular basis to ensure that you’re only sharing what you want with the individuals you want.

Use Facebook to Find Someone Quickly

With all of the numerous filters and search options available, Facebook makes discovering someone online a breeze. Furthermore, you may now utilize Facebook Messenger to locate someone who is offline. When you need to pinpoint someone’s location to discuss anything in person, pick them up, or see if they’re in the neighborhood, this tool comes in handy.

On Facebook, how do you find people? Do you utilize any of the approaches discussed in this article, or did we leave something out? In the comments section below, tell us about your Facebook search experience.

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