How to Print an Email from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and More?

How to Print an Email from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and More
How to Print an Email from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and More

Wirelessly connecting a computer or mobile device to a printer and printing your file has never been easier. We’ll teach you how to print an email from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and other major email service providers using a computer, phone, or tablet.

How to Print a Gmail Message?

You can print an email in a few simple steps if you use Gmail on your PC or on your mobile device via the Gmail app.


  1. Although there is no Gmail app for PCs, you can print one individual email message or an entire email thread/conversation by opening Gmail in your web browser.
  2. Select More after you’ve located and opened the email message you wish to print (three dots).
  3. Choose Print.
  4. In a new window, you’ll see a preview of your email message. If you’re using a Windows PC, choose Print.
  5. Select the printer parameters in the Print dialogue box on a Mac before selecting Print.
  6. Even if the email contains replies from the same conversation, you can print them all at once. Select the Print all icon in the top right corner of the email exchange.


  1. You can print an email from Gmail on your Android phone or tablet using the Gmail app or your web browser if the Gmail app isn’t working.
  2. To print an email, open the Gmail app and tap on the message you wish to print.
    On the upper right side of the email, tap More (ellipsis).
  3. Then select Print.
  4. If you wish to print numerous emails from an email conversation, tap and open the email conversation, then press More (ellipsis in upper right corner) > Print all in the top right corner of the email window.
  5. Note: If the Print option isn’t available, make sure you have the latest version of the Gmail app and try again.


  1. You may also print an email from Gmail using the Gmail app or a web browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app and tap on the email message you wish to print.
  3. On the upper right side of the email, tap More (ellipsis).
  4. After that, tap Print.
  5. You can also print a multi-email or multi-response email exchange. Simply tap to launch the discussion, then tap More > Print all to print it all.
  6. Note: If you can’t print an email from Gmail, it’s possible that the sender has Gmail Confidential turned on. This is a feature in Gmail that stops other users from printing email messages and attachments.
  7. You can print an attachment by saving it to your local storage, opening it with an appropriate app or application, and then selecting Print.


  1. Printing email messages from your computer or mobile device and saving the hard copy printout for offline use is simple with Yahoo Mail.
  2. Sign in to Yahoo Mail and pick the message you wish to print in a new browser window or tab.
    In the email message, click Print. You can also choose More > Print from the drop-down menu.
  3. After that, you can choose the number of pages, copies, layout, paper size, and other features.
  4. Select Print after you’ve established your printing preferences.
  5. If the email has any attachments that you’d like to print, save them to your computer or mobile device. Using the printing interface on your device, open and print the files.
  6. Outlook is the primary email service for Microsoft Office customers, and it includes a desktop client, a mobile app, and a web version called (previously Hotmail).

Outlook Online is a web-based version of Outlook

  1. If you’re using Outlook on the web to access your email messages, there’s a printer-friendly option to print an email message.
  2. Select More (ellipsis) at the top of the email message you want to print.
  3. Choose Print.
  4. Select Print in the new window if you’re using a PC.
  5. Select the layout, orientation, number of pages to print, and number of copies on a Mac, then click Print.
  6. Note that does not allow you to print all email attachments. Open each attachment and print each one separately.

App for Outlook

  1. The Outlook app makes it simple to access your email messages while on the road. You may also use the app on your Android or iOS device to print email messages.
  2. To print an email, open Outlook on your computer and choose the email you wish to print. Select File > Print from the File menu. Alternatively, launch the Print menu by pressing Ctrl + P on a PC or Command + P on a Mac.
  3. Select More > Customize toolbar if you want to print the email right away.
  4. To add the Print button to the Outlook toolbar, drag it to the toolbar menu and then pick Done. To print your email, select Print.
  5. Choose Print.

App for Email

For macOS and iOS users, the Mail app is the default email client. Printing an email using the Mail app is as simple as printing an email from any other email client.


  1. To print an email message on your Mac, utilize the Mail app.
  2. Select the email you wish to print from the Launchpad in the dock, then launch Mail.
  3. From the menu options, choose File > Print.
  4. Select the printer, the number of pages, and the number of print copies, then click Print.
  5. Printing via the Mail app on an iPhone or iPad differs from printing from a Mac.
  6. To print an email message, open the Mail app and tap on the message you wish to print.
    Tap the back arrow in the email window.
  7. Select Print.
  8. If any attachments are present, tap on them to examine them, then tap the Share button.
  9. To print, press the Print button.

Emails can be printed from any location

You can print out a printed copy of an email message or discussion if you require a tangible copy for future reference.

You can save the email on paper and raise the font size in your browser or email program if you merely want to read it offline, or you can save it as a PDF file.

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