The purpose of this information collection tool is to extract Linkedin users based on the organization, job description and email address.

Multiple features

  • TechSpy
  • EmpSpy

TechSpy–Crawls Jobs LinkedIn for the technologies used by the supplier. It seeks to identify technologies by matching job descriptions with keywords in a new file.

EmpSpy–Crawls LinkedIn for staff working in the company provided. It searches for employees of a new line delimited file by title and/or departments. It is also possible to create emails for specified workers when the client sets an email format.

The tool published in GitHub two years ago and has been added to repo by Kali Linux 2017.3. We show you how to use InSpy for gathering information from Linkedin in this Kali Linux tutorial.

Working with InSpy

Clone the GitHub tool, if you use older Kali Linux version

git clone

The software consists of a wordlist with more than 300 job titles and TechSpy names LinkedIn for technologies.

The following control searches for cybersecurity profiles

python –empspy /root/In-Spy/wordlists/title-list-large.txt cybersecurity

To extract the list of email addresses corresponding to the business and domain name

python –empspy /root/In-Spy/wordlists/title-list-large.txt –emailformat company

List the profiles based on the technological specification

What is DNS Attack and How does DNS Attack Work?

python –empspy /root/In-Spy/wordlists/tech-list-large.txt siem



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