6 Top Rated Spy Apps For Wife’s Phone


Have you ever thought of Spying on someone’s device to know who they are talking to? We all do. However, spying requires some high-level skills and focus.

Especially, when you want to monitor wife’s phone. Luckily, some applications like Spyine have made it possible.

These applications are tested and all of them can help you with the task. While they all have some common basic features, every app has some additional features applications for different purposes.

So, make sure to check the features section of the application before making your decision.

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Spyine is the biggest player in the spying game. It has been around from the last few years helping millions of its users spying on someone. This is a phone monitoring platform that allows you to access someone’s phone without touching it.

It does not require a rooted or jailbreak device to work. You can install it in any device you want without any risk of being caught. You would be surprised to know that Spyine is featured in magazines like Forbes and the New York Times.

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Main features of Spyine

WhatsApp Spy: This feature lets you check all her messages and chats from the WhatsApp application. You can access it remotely without touching the phone.

Call Logs Viewer: This feature allows you to go through their call logs to find out the contacts they have talked to. It includes stats like call duration, frequent contacts, etc.

Location Tracker: It lets you know their live location by accessing their GPS. You can track the places visited by the person.

There are many more functions like this offered by this application. Click Spyine to learn more about them.


neatspy new phone spy

Neatspy is another great phone monitoring application that provides a neat and clean Spying to its users. You do not need to be a technical guy to utilize this application as it offers an easy to use interface. It is a new generation spying platform that comes with some advanced features.

If you are looking for a simple app just to spy on your wife, then Neatspy is the right app for you.

Features of the Neatspy App

Keylogger: This feature records all the words typed in the device’s keyboard. With the help of this tool, you can know all the messages that have been sent or received to that device. No matter what application was used to communicate with the contacts.

Stealth Mode: This is an advanced feature to ensure your privacy is never compromised in the process. It adds an extra layer of security that prevents the user from finding the application.

Browsing History: Use this feature to check the browsing history of the targeted device. You can easily find out the web pages visited by the person with just a single click.



Just two words for ClickFree – Simple and effective. It is one of the most effective spyware that you can find on the internet. It does not require much effort by your side and delivers better results than most of the spyware.

The syncing speed of this application is far better than the previous ones and you can expect it to upload their data just after verifying their account. Although this application is new in the market, users are enjoying its services.

So, if you are looking for remote spyware, ClickFree is the right choice for you.

Popular Features of ClickFree

Social Media Spy: This application allows you to spy on different social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc.

Keylogging: It allows you to keylog the targeted device by recording all their messages and texts.


Minspy is one of the first applications that introduced the concept of advanced mobile monitoring solutions. It is a renowned name in the spying industry making it one of the most trustable platforms to use.

This genuine spy application does not require you to root or jailbreak the target device. The user interface of the application is quite interesting and easy to use. You can set up the whole application within a few minutes.

Features of Minspy Application

Sim Tracking: It lets you monitor the location of the person by tracking their sim card location. It is helpful when the GPS of the person is not activated.

Messaging Spy: This feature allows you to monitor the messaging app such as Whatsapp, messenger, messaging, etc.


Spyic is another option to spy on your wife’s phone without compromising her privacy to any third-party app. This application was designed with features like Parental control so that you can monitor every activity of your loved ones.

The user interface is much easier than other applications making it a great solution for beginners. You do not need to jailbreak their phone to use this application.

Features of the Spyic Application

Parental Control: This feature will let you monitor their device, just as in the parental control function of the android device. You can check installed applications, browsing history, call logs, etc.

Stealth Mode: This feature is a great way to protect your data and privacy from other potential attacks on your phone.


Spyier is a great app to begin your spying journey as it is a safe and reliable platform for beginners. All your privacy factors will be activated by default settings of the application.

The application has managed to create a loyal user base for the advanced features and privacy it offers. It runs in stealth mode that hides the application from the targeted device and prevents them from knowing that they are being monitored.

Popular Features of the Spyier Application

Advanced Keylogger: It is the advanced version of keylogger that not only records the messages but also organizes them in chats. This way, you can know the exact sender and receiver of all the keystrokes.

WhatsApp Spy: This feature is a great tool to access someone’s WhatsApp messages without their knowledge.


There are times when you need to spy on your wife. These top 6 rated spy apps should help you monitor your wife’s activities remotely. All these applications like Spyine are tested by users and provide guaranteed results to their users.

Almost all these applications require you to verify the targeted device through 2 different options. However, you can check their respective websites for a manual to getting started on their platform.

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