Top 10 Best Android App Locks and Privacy Lock 2022

App Locks and Privacy Lock

App Locks are also known as a privacy lock is one of the biggest privacy concerns for all mobile users.

Smartphones are very personal and the application contains various forms of personal information, such as pictures, messages, bank apps, and more.

What does AppLock mean?

App Lock app frequently called a security lock that can protect users from strangers or those seeking information on their smartphones.

Users generally prefer safety and privacy for these information, but they need adequate security measures using mobile lock apps for their phones and applications.

What does a device lock do?

Android phones have compatibility with the installation of a number of applications, sometimes also untrusted third-party apps, simple Man-in – the-disk attacks, and Android malware have the rights of reading into your personal data.

Personal applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, mails and financial applications such as Gpay and Paytm should be secured using an App Locks to secure our information and data.

In this post, we will look into the top 10 software locks, and there are plenty of app locks available to download from websites, but you can access it from your Android devices on the Google Play Store.

Another advantage is that this app is completely free.

The application locks program plays a vital role in ensuring private and sensitive data, serving as your full protection of privacy, with which you can avoid bothering if your friends run your phone.

10 Best App Locks & Privacy Lock for Android

1. App Ivymoile locks

Ivymoile’s App Lock allows you to lock virtually any app, including photo and video. It comes with an unknown pattern lock feature and also takes photos of people who type in an incorrect code.

It also lets you cover files, change the device locking rate, and a random keyboard option to reduce the chances of password guessing.

The following is a list of AppLock applications that can cover personal, social, process, Android pay, and third-party apps. You can access the Google Playstore App lock app.

Specific highlights included in this package

    • Customizing themes/wallpapers for DIY.
    • Embrace yourself. The AppLock button can be replaced by other app icons.
    • Enable/disable the AppLock option by saving power and one tap.

2. App Domobile Labs locks

Another best option available on the Google Play Store is App Lock or Domobile Labs Privacy Lock.

Similar to the creation of Ivymobile, this software again enables you to lock such applications like images and videos.

It also prohibits anonymous uninstallation of devices, authentication support for fingerprints, locks for incoming calls, and other device features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This app is free close to the AppLock of IvyMobile.

Works together with the random keyboard and invisible pattern lock feature to give system owners better safety.

Highlights of this application Includes

    • Safety for Snapchat parents and music videos.
    • Security over games and show.
    • An extra level of privacy protection in your social applications.
    • Install Google Play Store app lock apk.

3. Lock Privacy–Fingerprint Pro

Fingerprint Pro is once again an efficient iPhone app lock, which gives users the total freedom to choose the apps that users want to lock.

Integrates your fingerprint scanner with additional security to lock your applications into your Android device, as well as convenient ios app locks.

By comparison to other applications, this one does not lock the images and videos, but provides a safe in which you can transfer your images and videos and lock them up with your fingerprint or pattern lock as a private lock.

However, this app comes for $4.99 without a free version. This software has been created by the Best App-Tom Droid team.

The Valt for Gallery contains few highlights of the feature

    • Secure themes with a username.
    • Email protection, SMS, and call logs.
    • Lock fingerprint.
    • Patterns invisible.
    • Free Password Manager helps users to move around, fingerprint, passcode, bricolage, and password.

4. Login fingerprint

Keepsafe’s FingerPrint Password Privacy Lock is a very clean and simple fingerprint mobile lock.

Like other mobile locks, this can be used to secure devices using a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint.

The software also supports ten different languages, with settings that allow users to lock the applications that they can download proactively in the future.

With a free FIngerprint Password, App Locks, or Privacy Lock for Android devices are very simple and easy to use.

Included are highlights.

    • Security of PIN, pattern, and fingerprint.
    • Proactive locking ability.
    • Simple and easy to use

5. Locker software–Lock files

BGNmobi’s App Locker executes most tasks in a similar way to other App Locker.

This app contains the template, fingerprint aid and locks the key. In fact, this software has some customization options that do not uninstall the devices.

Again, a very simple and useful app that does not have so many other functions.

Highlights are..

    • Password, fingerprint, and pattern lock.
    • New locks styles.
    • Prevent applications from being uninstalled.

6. Locks–Norton Software–Password Locks

Norton is another big name in this App Locks list with a four-digit PIN, template, and locking mechanism for the key.

And Norton’s benefits, it displays the recommended collection of apps to lock for security and safety, taking pictures of possible intruders trying your passwords.

Highlights are

    • PIN, template, and code.
    • Consider locking phones.
    • Take photos of the intruders.
    • Security of Data.
    • Protection of information even when the computer is lost or stolen. Prevent ‘ pocket dials’ from being embarrassing.

7. Perfect Confidentiality Lock–App Protector

App Lock is another perfect application to add to this list. The basic features include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth lock.

But there are a few odd errors that have been shown when this software is used, both free and paid versions have almost the same features, but paid benefits are ad-free.

Highlights are

    • PIN, model, and motion.
    • Manage the screen shine of selected applications.
    • Prevent rotation of the screen in settings.
    • Takes a picture of the users following the failed third attempt.
    • Calls closed, WiFi, Bluetooth, Applications installed/uninstalled.
    • Electricity consumption is growing.

8. Secure Apps lock

Safe App lock is ideal for Android devices. It’s an intelligent and best device locker to protect your info.

Features include app passcode locks, fingerprint locks, recovery features, and this app does not share data with the background third parties which are critical in the data-first-market ecosystem today. Battery use ad-free and minimal.

Highlights are

    • Passcode and fingerprint
    • Recovery options
    • Ad-free.
    • Lightweight
    • No information exchange with third parties

9. Smart AppLock–Protector App

Smart AppLock is another AppLocker that provides interesting settings, toggles, and telephone log controls to ensure that apps are secure.

A unique feature is that this device disguises itself as a locked screen, which causes people to think the phone has not been opened.

It also provides the phone owner with a reset, delayed app locking capability, fingerprint scanning options, and break-in warnings.

 Highlights are..

    • A dressed appearance of a screen lock.
    • It is possible to combine several lock forms.
    • PIN, code, template, and fingerprint.
    • More storage for memory.
    • Alerts are infringed.
    • Delayed options for locking.
    • Encrypt GalleryVault photos and videos

10. CM Security Lock Screen

Not only does CM Security Lock Screen for iPhone and Android safeguard the devices from anonymous users, but it also protects virus and other malware programs.

Features such as automatic washing, code locking of the screen, key, pattern, and the fingerprint, concealing the images and video, taking photos of the intruders, and a number of colorful subjects.

Features like automatic washing, closing the monitor with passwords, PIN, fingerprint and pattern lock, concealing photos and videos, photographing of intruders, and few fun themes.

The highlights are..

Although we mostly have system locks in the form of patterns, PINs, and passwords, it is always nice that we have an additional safety level by introducing AppLocks for a variety of essential apps, such as financial and social apps, to keep your data secure. Your devices are your first collection of personal information that anyone can access.

The mobile locker apps provide three different lock types which include password locking, pattern locking, and fingerprint locking.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.