What Is IMDb TV?

What Is IMDb TV
What Is IMDb TV

What is IMDb TV, and how can you watch it? First, it is free to watch. IMDb TV offers a wide range of streaming content for free.

There are many online options for cord-cutters to view movies and TV shows. You can find almost any content online, from paid services like Netflix and Hulu to the infinite number of free options.

IMDb TV is a service that many people overlook. Perhaps because they have never heard of it. What is IMDb TV exactly? It is open to anyone who wants it. What kind of content is it? Is it worth your time? Let’s take a closer view.

What is IMDb TV?

IMDb TV offers an entirely free way to watch TV and movies. IMDb.com manages it. The website’s impressive collection of ratings, reviews, and cast lists make it easy to find.

IMDb is owned and controlled by Amazon. Amazon is the one that created IMDb TV. It was initially launched at the beginning of 2019 as IMDb Freedive.

IMDb TV’s content is ad-supported. You will have to watch the interludes between the videos and the beginning. The ads cannot be removed, and there is no way to make them disappear.

IMDb TV: Where is it available?

IMDb TV is currently only available to US users. However, IMDb TV announced that it would expand to other markets in a joint announcement.

To watch IMDb TV, you’ll need a VPN. Because of their low cost and high reliability, we recommend CyberGhost.

What Devices can you watch IMDb TV on?

IMDb TV is available for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. It also works with Roku, LG smart TVs, Xbox and PlayStation. You can also view IMDb TV via any web browser at IMDb.com/tv/.

There is no IMDb TV app available for iOS. However, you can still watch IMDb TV with the standard IMDb app. To see which TV shows and movies are available to stream, click on the “IMDb TV” category.

iOS users can still be hopeful. At one time, Amazon’s FireOS was the only operating system with an IMDb TV app. However, Amazon is now ready to allow its competitors to offer the app. As a result, an iOS app may soon be available.

Download: IMDb Television on Android

Download: IMDb – Movies and TV Shows for iOS

IMDb TV: What TV Shows and Movies are Available?

IMDb has not revealed the exact amount of content available through its service. However, IMDb has confirmed that the content available on its service tripled in the period of the rebrand.

IMDb TV has agreements with many of Hollywood’s top TV and Hollywood studios, including Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

These deals are a great way to get highly-acclaimed content, unlike other free TV and movie services. For example, American Psycho and Boomerang are some of the most popular movies on IMDb TV.

IMDb TV’s most popular TV series are 24, Madmen, 3rd Rock From The Sun and Lost, Ugly Betty.

Keep an eye out for listings if you don’t find the information you need. IMDb adds new content every day. Unfortunately, IMDb TV doesn’t stream live TV channels.

How to find content to watch on IMDb TV

It isn’t easy to find shows on IMDb TV. The homepage has broad categories for Halloween and Christmas and various “Most Popular” categories. However, there are no navigable genre categories like those found on many streaming apps.

This might be to hide the fact that IMDb’s content library is smaller than they would like to admit. On the other hand, IMDb TV, which is still in active development, is relatively new.

Positively, IMDb’s website directory makes it easy to quickly determine if a movie or TV series is available on IMDb TV. If the title is available, you’ll see a prominent link labelled “Watch for Free on IMDb TV” that you can click.

IMDb TV has parental controls.

Parental controls are another area where IMDb TV falls short. There are no parental controls available if you view IMDb TV via your web browser. This is concerning as the service contains children’s TV shows and movies.

It doesn’t help that IMDb TV doesn’t display its content in a way that helps. Take the above image as an example. There is a row of wholly-unsuitable-for-kids sci-fi movies directly above a row containing family shows like Hey Arnold and Looney Tunes.

The situation is slightly different on the TV app. IMDb can retrieve your Amazon account’s viewing restrictions and pin settings.

IMDb TV has Watchlists.

Another important feature worth noting is the existence of watchlists. IMDb TV’s watchlists are a vital feature. IMDb TV’s content database is used heavily to offer better watchlist functionality than Netflix and Hulu.

You can sort your shows by runtime, rating, popularity, IMDb ratings and user ratings. Filtering TV series or movies are also possible.

IMDb TV: Is it worth using?

IMDb TV is worth your time? While we’re not going to refuse another way to access free content, IMDb TV feels like it was still in its infancy when this article was written.

It is necessary to resolve the issues of content navigation and parental control. Also, while there are some excellent movies and shows, it is necessary to expand the library before it can be considered a viable alternative.

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