What Is the Fn Key on Your Keyboard?

What Is the Fn Key on Your Keyboard
What Is the Fn Key on Your Keyboard

You won’t forget it once you understand what the Fn key does. It will become a part of your daily routine. Fn keys access many of the most useful Mac shortcuts.

What is the Fn Key?

Function is abbreviated as Fn. It’s used to trigger functions. When we need to perform alternate functions, the Fn key is what we press.

Function keys have been around at least 50 year. It was difficult to program back then. You could use a function key to accomplish a lot of things with one press.

Today, we mostly see 12 function key and the Fn key. In the old days, this could have been as few as a handful to as many as 24 or more. They could be located across the top, in a separate block such as the number pad or in two or more places. Isn’t it nice to only see the 12 at the top of your preferred keyboard ?

What does the FnKey do?

Let’s find out what Fn really is all about.

The Fn+ function key’s purpose varies between device types, operating systems, keyboard manufacturers , and device types. We’ll stick to Windows and Mac for simplicity.

Take a look at your keyboard’s keys, particularly the F1 through F12 keys. Some keys have icons, as well as the key number. Some keys may contain text that is not in keeping with the main function.

These icons and texts show us what happens when we press Fn with an F key. FnHTML5. Depending on your device, keyboard and operating system, Fn keys may also have alternate functions.

What does the Function Key do on Windows?

Fn + any function key on Windows can be used to control software, hardware or Windows features. Below are the most common symbols. The symbols will differ between keyboards.

Keys with secondary actions printed in different colors may also be available. The second function can be performed by using the Fn key and those keys.

What does using Fn with a function key do on Macs?

To use the primary functions of F1 through F12 keys, the Fn key on a Mackey must be pressed. Windows users refer to those secondary functions as default actions on a Mac. To use these actions, you don’t have to use the Fn keys

Secondary actions can be used to customize different Mac apps, such as Safari or Photoshop. You can modify, remap and customize the Mac function keys . The MacBook Pro Touch Bar has even more functions.

Apple offers a way to modify the default function key behavior. To use the media controls, we must press the Fn key.

  1. Select the Apple Menu then System Preferences.
  2. Select Keyboard.
  3. Choose the option to use F1, F2, or both. key as the standard function keys.

What does the Function Lock Key do?

The Fn key on laptops may activate more functions. You may have seen keyboards with numbers on some letters. It doesn’t come with a separate number pad.

To enter data into a spreadsheet simply use the FnLock keys. The letter keys will become a number pad. To unlock the Fn key, just press FnFn Lock again after you are done with the spreadsheet.

Some keyboards might not have arrow keys, so the arrows on those keys will only be secondary functions. You can use the FnFn Lockkeys to make those arrows work as a mouse for navigation and movement. These keys function in the same way as the WASDkeys that a gamer would use.

How can I activate a Fn lock without a Fn key?

Many keyboards do not have the Fn lock key. The Fn Lock may be activated differently depending on the device and keyboard. It might not work at all. The following key combinations might work. They may not work. Please consult the documentation of your device manufacturer.

Alternative Fn Lock Key Combos

Fn Esc

Fn+ Caps Lock



Why does my Fn key have two different colors?

Although it is rare, it is still possible to find one. Fn keys may have the Fn printed twice on them, each one in a different color. Let’s assume one is blue, and the other is green.

These keyboards will have keys that have icons or letters that match the Fn color. This function can be activated by pressing the Fn key plus a key that has a green icon. This function can be triggered by pressing the Fn key and a blue key. This visually groups keys by function.

What is your favorite function?

These are the details about the Fn key. Some people will use the Fnkey every day, while others may only learn how to use it for the first time. What do you think about the Fn key? What are you using it for? Are there other uses than those we have listed? We would love to hear all about it.

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